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I bought brand new sealed UCCE from canada (the only place that ships it to Finland) just few weeks ago. Its still unopened because I have other games to

play first. But then I read this new info:

We need your copy of your email receipt showing the product purchase. Without this, you will not get a new key. NO EXCEPTIONS

Just to be sure what exact email am I suppose to show if I bought it using ebay/paypal? Is the paypal receipt enough? Its pretty normal to buy new games from places like ebay. Or do I have to ask a receipt from the canadian seller (its a store that sells in ebay I think)?

The harware serial code displayed when you run the new patch. That code is in the format XXXX-XXXX

Does this mean that if I change hardware the game ceases to work? Its just somthing Id like to know before I update my hardware. :)

The UCCE didnt cost full so its still its worth with the manual, map and nice box. If everything fails I could pick up a digital download to replace the disk version if its not more than twenty bucks. Still it would be good to tell others that you propably should not buy this game from ebay even if its new and sealed. I have bought lots of new games through places like ebay (mostly because they were not available anywhere else) and I have never received any original receipts.

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We're not providing license keys for any used product.

The retail boxed copy of UCCE comes with its license key embedded on the DVD-ROM. So as long as you have the original disc - regardless of where you bought it from - you won't have any DRM issues and you won't need to be issued a new DRM license key.

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