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This game is a feat of engineering and writing. I'm having a blast and playing the "honest" way.

So far, I've only been beaten twice when I tried to jack someone's car. :birthday:

The other day, after my date with Michelle, I went back to the safehouse and believe you mean, I sat and watched the TV for almost thirty minutes. The segments are frigging hilarious. Not to mention the hilarious talk radio station.

I had first bought it for the PS3 because I like to balance my console gaming library. I had to exchange it for the XB360 version because it would lock up and other crazy things unless I actually disabled the network connection - which of course meant that I couldn't play multiplayer later if I wanted to. Crazy stuff.

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I am hopeful for GTA4, that it won't disappoint me like the previous games have done - That being that in the end, they had no staying power. They've always been a game which I would play for a few hours, addictively and then put it away for a year, then maybe pick it up and do the same thing over again. It just wasn't interesting enough past its mechanics of destructions to draw me in.

However, I won't know about GTA4 until it comes to PC, I cannot afford a console and so I'm here, stuck waiting for it to be released in a year or so for PC. Though, I suppose this is a good thing since I doubt I could run it at the quality I want at the moment. *Glares at 2400XT*

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