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Resupply Duty

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ECV Ashdod


Comms Officer Lance Corporal Hidetoshi Kamezaki intensely studied the constant chatter of external communications. Commercial, Tourist, and Journalist business thrived here in Mandorian space. In addition to radio traffic, several ships had passed through the region since Ashdod had first chanced upon ICV Aries. Suddenly, a clearly intentioned transmission emerged from the cybernetic blur. Kamezaki immediately rerouted it to first officer Corporal Tracy Dodds' terminal, as Garrison was not on the bridge.

---begin transmission---

From: ECV Stormhammer

To: Sergeant Richard Garrison, Commander of ECV Ashdod

Subj: Re: request tactical assistance


We received your message and are enroute to Pravis from Tyrus-2 to assist. You were the first one on the scene so we follow your lead. ETA about 20 minutes.

Sergeant First Class Jason McCraken

Lieutenant Commander (first officer) of Firestorm-class ECV Stormhammer

---end transmission---

Tyrus-2 was in the Kandorian heartland of Krynon and a full three jumps from ECV Ashdod's position in Pravis/Cyrian. Ashdod's first officer Tracy Dodds read the message and called up all availabble info on ECV Stormhammer. 'They will follow our lead?' Dodds thought. 'Stormhammer's XO outranks my own Commander! Oh well, it's their Commander's call.' ECV Stormhammer had a solid service record and retained much of its crew from its commission date. Its CO and XO, Sergeant Major Teknocack Prime and Sergeant First Class Jason McCraken had both been assigned to Stormhammer a few weeks ago. Dodds pulled up Commander Prime's profile.

Teknocack Prime had enlisted in Earth Command at the age of 18 and served at the Enlisted Training ranks of Recruit, Trainee, and Apprentice for a total of four years. He graduated with full academic honors and entered Vanguard Fleet service as an Elite Force Marine at age 22. The North American native demonstrated a natural mastery of snipping, close quarters combat, and hand-to-hand techniques that prompted his Squad Leader to repeatedly call upon Prime for the Bloc's most dangerous jobs.

[ooc]Bloc is earthcom's term for a numbered group of personnel; galcom and the insurgents use the term 'unit' instead; (ee definition 2b of 'bloc' at merriam-webster.com.[/ooc]

Prime quickly became a leader among his Marine peers and progressed through the Enlisted ranks of Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, and Corporal in the fastest allowed time of two years per rank. Concluding his enlisted career at thirty years of age, Tek was immediately admitted to Command School where he served two years at the instructional rank of Command Officer Candadate (CdOC), studying starship command and advanced battlefield doctrine. Upon graduation at age 32, Tek Prime (then a Sergeant) turned down an offer to command an unarmed transport of 14 personnel, and shortly thereafter accepted a staff officer's posting on a heavy carrier. Prime advanced through the Command Officer grades of Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, and First Sergeant, again, according to the fastest allowed promotion schedule of two years per rank. During this time Tek met and befriended Jason McCraken. Paul Sherwin, Commander of Tek's ship, a First Sergeant, was promoted to Sergeant Major at the same time as Tek was promoted to First Sergeant. Prime, McCraken, and Sherwin become close friends and opted to continue to serve together on the same ship, though Tek was now qualified to command that heavy carrier. Then, just six short weeks ago, the heavy carrier was ambushed by Credian Raiders. The crew fought well but were out gunned with reinforcements too far away. The ship was destroyed and only Tek and Jason escaped alive. This experience would haunt the two men for the rest of their lives and instilled in them a deep hatred for the Credian government who failed to protect travelers through the Trenis starsystem. Around the same time, ECV Stormhammer's CO and XO were reassigned; so Vanguard Fleet gave its charge to Jason McCraken and the newly promoted Sergeant Major Teknocack Prime. Tek's service record had reached 22 years to date, making him 40 years of age when he received his first command.

Corporal Tracy Dodds remenisced upon Commander Garrison's service record, which she had read quite thoroughly before.

Richard Garrison, already a combat veteran along side his merc parents, served at the Enlisted Training ranks of Recruit, Trainee, and Apprentice for a total of four years, and graduated from Enlisted Training at age fourteen. He served as Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, and Corporal in the slowest allowed time of seven years per rank. After facing stiff competition for admittance, Rick served in Command School for two years at the instructional rank of Command Officer Candidate (CdOC) Upon graduation, he attained the rank of Sergeant at age forty four, with a service record of thirty years to date. Vanguard Fleet gave Garrison command of newly commissioned ECV Ashdod less than a month later.


Sorry for not advancing the current storyline. Tek, Sho, either one of you can make some decisions for my character if necessary. I'll be back for more.

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The Aries was a Megaron-class carrier measuring almost 1097 meters in length. When fully manned, she carried crew of 66. She also sported 10 turrets for close-in support and 4 main guns with a range of 27.5 kilometers. In her hanger bays, she carried 2 Super Vandal and 2 Heavy Aurora fighters along with 2 Mk1 shuttles and 2 of the newer Mk3 shuttles. For surface operations she carried 2 Combat Assault Vehicles, 2 Heavy Assault Vehicles,

2 Combat Assault Buggies, and 2 Mayhem Tanks. She was a very formidable carrier indeed when at full strength.

Unfortunately with this simple resupply mission, she was only at half her crew complement. Based upon the latest intel reports that he perused before departing New Frontier, ShoHashi really didn't think he needed the full complement.

"Next time, if there is one, I'll be sure not to let my guard down like this again," he thought to himself.

Fortunately, however, he did have all his fighter and shuttle pilots. If the situation started to take a turn for the worse, he'd at least have his close support to cover him while he retreated.



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Posted by canshow:

At the first day of the ReSupply mission, the TaCops Commander assigned me, Jack O' Niell to personally Escort the Megaron-Class Carrier. He Assigned me with the task of escorting the Carrier to and back from the point of destination.

I do appreciate you participating in the RPG, canshow, however you do have some problems.

1. We Insurgents do not have the rank of TacOps Commander.

2. If you'd have read this thread from the beginning, you'd see that I left on the mission WITHOUT an escort.

This is exactly why the thread needs to be read from the beginning so that you can see where you can enter the storyline. While you're at it, read up on the Insurgent history and look at our rank structure over at the ICC.

A better way for you to enter the storyline might be that you are on a patrol nearby and/or either happen across us or intercept some comm traffic between Aries, FC-1 and starstation New Frontier.

I'm not trying to defer anyone from joining in; quite the opposite in fact. I just ask that you use a little bit of common sense.


Quazar: I need to PM you.

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Thanks for the PM, Sho!


Garrison entered Ashdod's flight deck as the two damaged fighters arrived. "Come to help repair, Commander?" asked Chief Engineer Corporal Sarah Petrycki.

"That's right, Sarah." Rick didn't need to be told what to do. He soon had a tool kit and walked up to launch pad 1. A medic helped the pilot down from the cockpit. "Pilot, what is your name? What happened in Capella?" Rick asked.

"I am Private First Class Helena Stadi. I was the second assistant leader of our group of fighters. We were taking some detailed low-level flyby scans of unknown settlements on the planet's surface when several insurgent fighters crested the nearby mountain range and opened fire. We knew we couldn't survive a sustained engagement so I ordered my fighter Squad back to space. Our group leader supported my tactical assessment and ordered our entire fighter Section back to Tyrus-2. But along the way, my wingman over there, and I sustained extensive damage and bodily injuries while covering the other fighters' retreat." Garrison asked, "Did the insurgent fighters give chase?"

"Only to the jumpgate, sir."

Garrison had worked several of his enlisted years as an engineer and already repaired the fighter's worst damaged systems. "Very well, PFC Stadi. Report to medibay and get cleaned up. We may need you again soon. You did good today, Helena."

She returned Rick's smile and walked off the flight deck with the medic as Garrison turned his attention to the second fighter. It's pilot was badly injured and had already been carried off to medibay. "Sarah how are we on spare parts, ATM?" he asked as he recalibrated the craft's BIOS.

"Looks like we've got enough for these repairs, sir, but I don't know what we'll need if we take Ashdod into combat." Rick nodded and continued. The work went fast with the help of Ashdod's system engineers and the flight engineers had already started to inspect the first fighter.

Meanwhile back on the bridge,,,,

Corporal Tracy Dodds watched the viewscreen with the rest of the bridge crew as the Insurgent P21 Vandal drew closer to their position. When it closed to within about 40 clicks, the fighter changed its target from Ashdod to Aries and slowly turned around. They knew the pilot had positively identified Ashdod as a Vanguard Fleet vessel. Now Dodds and the Insurgent commander needed to make a decision.... "Ma'am, incoming transmission from ISO."

"On screen, and route it to Garrison."


From: Earth Command

To: ECVs Stormhammer and Ashdod

Subj: Attack Orders

Commanders Prime and Garrison,

You are hereby tasked with the neutralization or destruction of the ICV Aries and bring the Insurgent Fleet Admiral back to Sol to stand trial for his crimes against humanity. J Company is under attack by unknown forces in Lanix V, much to the dismay of the Zelons. You're on your own, gentlemen. I don't need to remind you how many lives you must safeguard through this operation; that's why we made you Commanders.

Get the job done, and report to my office in person when you're finished.


General Trevor Ridgeline

First Assistant Wing Leader, Intelligence and Special Operations (ISO)

Vanguard Fleet


Down on Ashdod's flight deck, Rick stood up from his work on the second fighter, dumbfounded by what he'd just read, banging his head into a sharp corner of the small craft's restored armor plating. "Ouch!" He said in double frustration. "This will have to do, Sarah. You flight engineers, suit up and cut your checklist short. You're going to pilot these craft yourselves." He pulled up his communicator and exited the flight deck. "Tracy, I'm on my way back to the bridge. Log my formal protest into comlink and prepare an away team. I don't like this one bit, but we'll proceed as ordered. What's Commander Prime's ETA?"

Meanwhile down on the planet's surface....

Insurgent Lieutenant Thomas had intercepted both of General Ridgeline's messages with the outpost's new CIM and forwarded this critical intel to ShoHashi. It might just save his life, Thomas thought.



Serondal, I like your story; keep it coming. You're welcome to join in our thread too.

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ôCommander on deckö Shouted Mondo, simultaneously smacking his second in command on the back of the head with his steel shod fist. The rag tag crew of raiders pretended to jump to attention and salute their leader, all the while laughing. Draida, a particularly disgusting Terran with a penchant for murder, even went so far as to raise the wrist of a corpse to make it salute Mondo. This did not go unappreciated by the rest of the crew who erupted into a new round of uncontrollable laughter.

ôRight, thatÆs enough you sobs, listen up eh? I know weÆve been æiding in this asteroid field long enough to make most of you miss your mommies back æome. I know yer all itching for some action, and IÆve got some good news for yaö Mondo, a large terran equipped with so many cybernetic implants he barely qualified as man any more, smashed his fist into what was left of the vid screen before him.

On the main screen the tac ops view of the solar system sprung to life. The bridge, partially destroyed as it was, was shed in a harsh light from the screen. This revealed the crew that had died defending the GCV û Louisville, their bodies strewn here and there. Each one had been left where he had fallen, as the stench of corpses truly did not bother the ships new crew.

ôSeem dem red dots next to da planet thing? Thems insurgents and EarthCom scum and they are dissssss close to popping off at each otherö Mondo raised his hand and squeezed two robotic fingers together to give the others a visual aid of just how close hostilities may have been. ôDis gentlemans, is a rare opper . . . time for us! We can slip in, in the middle of der battle and makeÆem both go boom! Dis way we get all the loot and only have to do half the workö The others grunted their approval, and with the plan in place Mondo went into action.

First things first he ordered Mother to play some illegal music from Earth, stuff that EarthCom called subversive and border line riotous. ôWar , UH!! What is it good for, making me some credits! YAH!ö The crew scattered across the bridge, using their hacked interfaces to bring the ship out of silent mode. Mondo turned on the GalCom IFF system and powered the radar up to full, showing everyone in the system his location instantly. The sites of battle were all internal, so the Sunflash looked as though it was in perfect working order from outside. The crew had been slaughtered by the crazed boarding party and most of the systems were intact.

As the ship flew slowly out of the asteroid flew and into free space Mondo tore the uniform from the ships previous commander and threw it on in a hurry, making sure that from the neck up he looked like a proper GalCom commander. With a glance at the name tag he opened a channel to the ECV û Ashdod

ôThis is Commander Bradley of the GCV û Louisville, here to offer our assistance as needed. Please keep us updated on the situation and instruct us to enter the conflict if the need arises.ö Mondo could hardly keep a straight face as he turned the com-link off. The rest of the crew howled with the music, smoking and drinking and drugging as their targets drew near.

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Glad you could join us! Sho PMed me last week (on the 26th) after I forgot about this thread. Took me till Tuesday the 30th to check my e-mail and see his message. Now I'm waiting for him to reply here - weekends usually afford him the time to crank out a detailed response. In case he hasn't noticed our posts yet, I just fired off a PM. As a general rule for all forum activity, I may take as long as two weeks to reply. So be patient, we haven't forgotten. I saw your original post, Serondal, before you edited it, about which side you should play. Anything's fine, and what you've gone with should shake things up pretty good.

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Don't worry, I picked that up from the post dates alone :birthday: I'm in no hurry at all and I hope I'll be able to bring another element to the RP . I don't have access to maps ect from work so I'll try my best to keep the name of systsems/ect correct. Just PM me if i've made a mistake :allhail: Also I am a firm believer that bad guys should always lose. TER/INS and TER/EAR and TER/MIL to me are all goods guys in their own point of views, but Raiders are bad guys in anyones point of view, even theres I'd assume ;P so I do want this to end with my crew of bad guys losing :birthday: So if you feel like you want to post the ship getting destroyed ect go right ahead.

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[rp on]

"Sir, I've gleaned more information from FC-1's sensor logs," said Stamos. "It appears that the EarthCom starcruiser is the ECV-Ashdod."

"Understood," replied ShoHashi. "Pull up all available information on Ashdod. I want to know everything I can on that ship and it's commander."

Stamos nodded and began tapping away at his keyboard.

"It seems that the Ashdod is under the command of a Sergeant Richard Garrison. I'm not bringing anything else about him up in the database."

"Okay," said ShoHashi.

"Admiral, I'm picking up another vessel approaching. Sensors show that it is the GCV-Louisville," said Stamos.

"Great, just great. Keep monitoring her."

The bridge of the Aries was now starting to became a hive of activity as all sorts of events began unfolding.

"Incoming coded transmission from Pravis Outpost," said Lieutenant Commander Tanberg.

"Onscreen," replied ShoHashi.

The main screen changed from the starview to the figure of Lieutenant Thomas, seated at a console.

"Admiral, just a head's up. The CIM has intercepted an incoming communication to the Ashdod from Earth Command. I'm sending you the contents of the message."

ShoHashi tapped a few keys on his chair armrest and swiveled the vidscreen towards him. He began to read the message.

From: Earth Command

To: ECVs Stormhammer and Ashdod

Subj: Attack Orders

Commanders Prime and Garrison,

You are hereby tasked with the neutralization or destruction of the ICV Aries and bring the Insurgent Fleet Admiral back to Sol to stand trial for his crimes against humanity. J Company is under attack by unknown forces in Lanix V, much to the dismay of the Zelons. You're on your own, gentlemen. I don't need to remind you how many lives you must safeguard through this operation; that's why we made you Commanders.

Get the job done, and report to my office in person when you're finished.


General Trevor Ridgeline

First Assistant Wing Leader, Intelligence and Special Operations (ISO)

Vanguard Fleet

"Thanks for the intel, Thomas. Let me know if you intercept anything else."

"Will do, sir."

The image of Lieutenant Thomas on the viewscreen was replaced once again with the stars.

[rp off]

I know this a bit short, but I need to try to get back into the "groove". :birthday:


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For those of us who post at work/school or who don't have the galaxy map handy, I found a copy Derek keeps right here on the site: http://www.3000ad.com/fleets/db/pics/galaxy_map_links.jpg



ECV Ashdod

"Commander, Stormhammer's probe reports that Commander Prime and crew have just jumped from Tyrus-2/Krynon to Hadar-9/Cyrian. ETA 11 minutes."

"Thank you, Dodds. Garrison out." Rick rounded the corridor's last corner to the bridge when he encountered Private First Class Leeta Burleigh, a rather large marine and the only woman on board bigger than Garrison. "At ease, Leeta. Where's Brock?"

"He's already in the transporter drafting an assault plan from the Megaron-class schematics."

"Good. As you were."

"Yes, sir." the marine replied as they parted ways and Rick entered the bridge.

"Commander on the br--" started Flight Officer Skidmore, "As you were." Garrison countered. "Status?"

Tactical and First Officer Corporal Tracy Dodds relinquished the command chair to Commander Garrison and returned to her station at TacOps, as Comms Officer Lance Corporal Hidetoshi Kamezaki spoke up. "Chief Engineer Sarah Petrycki reports both fighters repaired and cleared to fly. Ashdod herself is battle ready as well. Doctor Kayla reports both pilots and all crew in adequate health and fit for combat duty." Medical Officer Corporal Kayla Tringad was the niece of ISS Fleet's Allun Tringad.

"Good." Rick said, taking his seat. "Mr. Skidmore, target ICV Aries, lay in a combat intercept course and engage on my command."

"Commander, we are picking up a Ter/Mil ship and receiving a message."

"On screen."

"This is Commander Bradley of GCV - Louisville, here to offer assistance as needed. Please keep us updated on the situation and instruct us to enter the conflict if the need arises."

Rick briefly studied the GalCom Commander looking back at him from the other bridge. The man's uniform was slightly roughed up or otherwise aged and the commander himself had a number of facial cybernetic implants. Having gleaned what he needed, Rick replied, "Thank you, Commander Bradley. As you can see we're out gunned and up against the Insurgent flag ship no less." Rick paused then continued, "I've been ordered to extract an item of cargo from thier manifest and return it to Sol for study. Given our current odds I'd welcome any combat assistance you can provide as soon as possible. ECV Ashdod out."

Rick turned to helm, "Mr. Skidmore, engage." ECV Ashdod's TacOps status changed from 'Patrol Pravis' to 'Strike ICV Aries' and the ship followed suit, now at 288 clicks from its target and closing, ETA 2 minutes. The Insurgent P21 Vandal had since redocked with Aries. "Mr. Kamezaki, inform the crew of our orders from Earth Command, and include attack strategy 14b." The comms officer sent out a text message to all crew and bridge staff .

After reading the text from her console, Corporal Dodds looked across the bridge from her station at TacOps to the Nav console and noticed the look of concern from Lance Corporal Claire Tolen. "What is it, Claire? What's wrong?" she asked as Garrison also turned to his Nav Officer.

"Permission to speak plainly, sir." she said. "Proceed."

"Why did you not tell Commander Bradley that we are to capture the Insurgent Admiral?"

"General Ridgeline wants to take credit, in the eyes of the UFN, for bringing down such a high profile enemy. If Galcom gets to him first, so the thought goes, then the UFN may cut our funding. If Commander Bradley thinks we're just after some cargo, then he won't try to jump the gun."

"But he knows that's ShoHashi's ship anyway." interjected Flight Officer Lance Corporal Ryan Skidmore. "Won't he see right through your deception and deduce what our true plan is?"

Garrison's First Officer glanced up at the closing distance to ICV Aries on the bridge viewer before offering a defence for her Commader. "It wasn't a deception, Ryan. We can grab some cargo while we're extracting the Admiral back to our ship. Attack strategy 14b is, in a nutshell, to fire off a few shots in concert with another light cruiser and then send a boarding party."

Richard Garrison didn't like the prospect of playing into his superiors' political ambitions at the expense of his own crew's well being, which is why he had logged a formal protest with Fleet Command. He now wondered how close Commander Prime was as ECV Ashdod closed to within 200 clicks of ICV Aries, weapons and shields red hot!


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ôThank you, Commander Bradley. As you can see weÆre out gunned and up against the Insurgent flag ship no less. IÆve been ordered to extract an item of cargo from their manifest and return it to Sol for study. Given our current odds IÆd welcome any combat assistance you can provide as soon as possible. ECV Ashdod out.ö

Mondo waved his hand to cut the feed, making certain he was no longer broadcasting his image before he let out a soft chuckle. The large man stalked the bridge as his mostly cybernetic mind ran through all the possible outcomes of this conflict. He had hoped this would be a lucrative venture but he had no idea going into this scheme that the Megaron was actually a flag ship for the entire insurgent fleet.

ôRought! Get all the boyz suited up in the suits of the dead marines; you five stay here with me on the bridge and keep this bucket running long enough to get into range with our main cannons.ö The cyborg put his large mechanical hand on his pilots shoulder and grinned a bit. ôTry your best to keep us out of that MegaronÆs firing arcs, if I remember correctly those things pack on heck of a punch with their turrets!ö

Depending on whom he was talking to at the time Mondo had several ways of talking. To the boyz he spoke like any other idiotic raider captain bent on violence and destruction, but to his trusted crew members he spoke civil. So as MondoÆs crew ran off to round up the 15 other members of their raider band he ordered the Louisville to set course for the Megaron.

The Sunflash was quick and nimble due to its small size, but it couldnÆt take any direct fire from the Megaron without exploding in short order. Mondo was no fool and he knew this was the case. He made certain to set the course so that the Sunflash would come up next to the Ashdod, letting it lead the way and take the brunt of the attack.

ôWhen they order their marines to invade the Megaron that is when we strike. TheyÆll notice how damaged our boyz look in their stolen marine suits so weÆll have to attack quickly. WeÆll wait until they ask for us, which will either be when theyÆre losing horribly or when theyÆre just about to win.ö MondoÆs second in command gave him a nod and went off to round the rest of the boyz up with the others.

Soon they were all suited up and standing by in the teleporter room waiting for their atoms to be transported across the cold voids of space and into the bowels of the Aries where they would find fortune or death. Mondo stood on the shattered remains of the bridge, directly behind the previous captainÆs chair where his naked corpse still rested. His claw clenched the chair tightly, crushing it with its extreme power as the strange raider attempted to calm his nerves.

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The Galcom Sunflash soon emerged from hyperspace close behind the Earthcom Starcruiser. Both heavy cruisers now closed to within 160 clicks of the Insurgent Megaron. Unlike most heavy cruisers, Ashdod had fighters instead of shuttles (one defining characteristic of the Euphorie-subclass configuration) and would no doubt suprise the other two commanders when it launched its own, now repaired, two fighter craft against a heavy carrier. Sure enough, Aries soon targeted the Pravis to Rinaal jumpgate and slowed its speed to rotate away from the planet. Dodds told Garrison she expected ShoHashi to deploy his four fighters just before entering hyperspace....


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[rp on]

Commander Dan Crossgrove sat at his console in New Frontier's Command Center. He'd just received a very disturbing message from ICV Aries on it's current situation in Pravis. Now he awaited further up-to-date sitreps from a soon to be dropped probe.

Commander Crossgrove had only been in command of New Frontier for seven months. He knew when he was given command of the station that it would be a very high profile job, mainly because New Frontier was also Admiral ShoHashi's "flag station." Admiral ShoHashi used to command New Frontier as a Commodore under the Insurgent One administration. When Insurgent One disappeared, ShoHashi was promoted to Admiral and a member of the Insurgent Central Command which took over leadership of the Insurgent Fleet. The Admiral liked the strategic location of New Frontier and thus, chose to make it his headquarters for Bishamon Fleet. Admiral ShoHashi knew that in his new position, he would be unable to properly run the day-to-day operations of the station and run Bishamon Wing. He decided to peruse various Insurgent commander service records until he found someone capable. Commander Crossgrove's service record impressed ShoHashi so much that he chose him to command New Frontier thus freeing him to turn his attention towards Bishaman Wing and Insurgent Central Command activities.

"Commander Crossgrove, Recon 1 has just completed dropping the sensor probe in Pravis. We should be getting some better intel any moment now," said Lieutenant Rod Tyler, Intelligence Officer.

Crossgrove began to think over his options. He had an outpost with new monitoring equipment on the surface of Pravis that may or may not have been discovered and worst of all, his Admiral was outnumbered and his ship was at half it's complement.

Lieutenant Tyler let out a moan while looking at his monitor. "Commander, you are definately not going like this. The probe just picked up a Firestorm carrier entering the Pravis system via the Hadar 9 jumpgate. Sensor codes show it to be the ECV Stormhammer."

"Condition Red," said Crossgrove. "Bring up tactical for Pravis system."

The lights in the Command Center dimmed to red and the mainscreen brought up a tactical map of the Pravis system. The tactical map showed an icon representing Aries in orbit around Pravis, and icons representing Ashdod and Louisville 160 clicks away on an intercept course towards Aries. The map also showed an icon representing Stormhammer just coming into system from Hadar 9.

"We need to try to even up the odds. Launch NF-1 with orders to engage Stormhammer. I also want NF-2 launched with orders to Louisville," said Crossgrove.

Both NFs were New Frontier fighter squadrons, each comprised of 12 Defenders. They were typically used to defend the station, but could also be used for attack missions.

"Fighters have been launched, " spoke Lieutenant Jack O'Connell, Tactical Officer.

Crossgrove stared intently at the tactical screen. "Now we wait," he said softly. "I'll do my best to get you out of this jam, Admiral."

[rp off]


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MondoÆs fist tightened into a ball as he noticed a Firestorm appearing in the system, his eyes went narrow as he considered how the situation had suddenly changed. Even if he and his crew of raiders were able to capture the Megraon they would be sitting ducks for the FirestormÆs fighters. Once the deception was discovered they would be in a very tight place and with so few men they would never stand a chance against a Firestorms crew of 40 marines.

Mondo opened a channel across the shipÆs internal comm system, ôAight you gits! Listen up. Ders a big bad super carrier that just entered our system and the game has changed a bit. The odds ainÆt in our favor no more so weÆre gonna git outta here! All hands report to the teleporter room for evacuation.ö

With that announcement Mondo waved to his bridge crew to make their way to the transporter. He himself stopped only for a moment to enter orders into the auto pilot system. As the captain of the raiderÆs made his way to the transporter room the Sunflash moved closer to the ECV Ashdod until there was very little distance between the bow of the Louisville and the aft of the Ashdod.

Mondon dialed in a nice seedy looking outpost on the surface and teleported everyone down only seconds before setting the self destruct on the GCV û Louisville. In only one short minute the entire ship would explode, oh so very close to the AshdodÆs rear shields.



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[rp on]

Nav. computer, "Entering Pravis system."

One dot blinks in front of Ashley, the navigation officer.

"Sir,"spoke Ashley,"We we are picking up one hostile ship in the system. It appears to be the ECV Stormhammer, we are exactly 57.2m from the ECV Stormhammer.A cloaked ship has entered the system, right behind the Stormhammer if i am not correct"

"Shields to 100% and bring weapons online. Prepare the fighter craft.",said Commander Canshow."I want fighters one and two to engage the cloaked ship, and the other two help assist us to take out the Stormhammer."

Ashley,"Yes sir." She nods her head at the combat officer and he starts speaking in the speakerphone system.

Communications officer Melissa,"The cloaked ship is hailing us, opening an ecrypted channel."

"This is Commander Aerov . Do not engage Stormhammer. Their survival is frugal to us. I repeat, stand down or we will open fire.This is a warning"

Combat Officer Derek,"Sir, the cloaked ship is opening fire on our starboard. Shields are draining from that section, returning fire, and directing power into the shields."

Commander Alex, breathed a heavy sigh. He stepped on the bridge and watched the cloaked ship fire upon his vessel.

"Engage evasive maneuvers. I want fighters 1-4 to engage the enemy fighters being launched. We cannot lose this battle." said Commander Canshow.

Two hours ago in the Rinaal system, the ICV-Daedalus was engaged by four Starfighters, it was an unsuspected ambush, they knew tthe ICV-Daedalus was coming.The Daedalus was able to fight off the hostiles, but her shields were damaged in the fight and dropped below 60%, the ship had every standard upgrade that station parts had to offer. The shields remained at 63% when she jumped to the Pravis system. It was a move Commander Canshow had regretted, and knew would put the Daedalus's crew in danger along with herself.

Tactical Officer Doom,"Cloaking system is damaged sir, we cannot activate the cloak, meanwhile, all the turrets are working properly."

"Launch all the STS Missiles." spoke Commander Canshow

Derek,"Yes sir. Opening missile bays. Launching missiles now."

11/20 STS missiles had hit the cloaked ship, Derek had fired randomly at the location the ship was firing from, and it was the right move.

The now uncloaked ship had its shields lowered to 45%, but was unable to reveal any other identification.

"Haha, those suckers are gonna---

Suddenly, 20 missiles hit the Daedalus at its rear with perfect precision,at that point, it almost knocked out the sublight engines that were designed to go 11,000 miles an hour for a much smaller ship, but had the maximum speed of 1000M, when overloaded, and left the Daedalus with 27% shields.

"Derek, get 25 of your best marines onboard that ship. Lets see if we can overtake it before our shields are completely vaporized."

Derek Nodded and spoke into the speaker system.

Within a few minutes, 25 marines were teleported into the unidentified ship, trying to fight for its control.

"Receiving hail from the unidentified ship."spoke Melissa.

"This is Commander Aerov. I surrender. I repeat, i surrender. The ship is yours, order your marines to cease fire and we will leave in shuttles with food and supplies.

"Take the ship, put the crew in temporary confindment and erase some of their memories, leaving them loyal to me. Beam the rest onto the surface of Pravis, away from any civilization.Once you gain the ship schematics when our 5 flight and system engineers beam in.It appears the Stormhammer has been silent through all of this mess.Their commander is a fool, along with idiotic tactics."said Commander Canshow.

Ten minutes had passed.


A voice came from the Com. System,"Sir, we have gained control to the ship and broken through the security codes. The ship appears to be a Super Cruiser. It appears to be in ok Condition, we have brainwashed some of the crew and beamed the rest onto the surface as you requested. Please meet us at these coordinates on the planet surface for repairs and extensive survey."

The coordinates were displaced on the Nav Screen as soon as the other ship had pressed the magic button.

Nav. Officer,"We're heading toward those coordinates the Marine had given us. ETA 15 minutes."

With a bright grin Commander Canshow spoke,"Alright, repair our cloaking system and head towards Pravis's surface.We have a long day ahead of us."


:wtf:. I haven't RP'd in a while, so excuse me if some of this does suck :D.

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Firestorm carrier entering the Pravis system via the Hadar 9 jumpgate. Sensor codes show it to be the ECV Stormhammer.

Not quite, Sho. Tek Prime has to pass from Hadar-9, through Rinaal, to reach Pravis. So Recon 1's probe in Pravis will see Aries, Ashdod and Louisville close to the planet; but Tyler and Crossgrove will see Stormhammer on New Frontier's local sensors when it enters Rinaal enroute to Pravis. And we'll say that ECV Stormhammer enters Rinaal just as Recon 1's probe begins streaming telemetry from Pravis. So Commander Crossgrove should keep NF-1 in Rinaal to attack Tek Prime

before he jumps to Pravis.

But you don't need to modify your post, Sho. That would break my big post that's almost ready to go.

Serondal, Canshow, good posting!

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As a general RP rule, if a player needs to drop out for RL then the remaining players should either write his character out of the remainder of the story (eg. he gets called away on urgent orders), or they can collectively pitch in to play his character through the remainder of the story (which can substantially alter the outcome). I've made the latter choice, so this post should catch teknocack up to just before Canshow's post.



ECV Stormhammer

"Is everyone in place?" asked Commander Prime.

"Yes, Commander. All medics and engineers are carrying sidearms and are patrolling the ship until the marines get back, whom are prep'ed for combat and ready to deploy as you ordered. All FCs ready to rock!"

"Good, take us through the jumpgate."

"Sir, we're being hailed by a merc super cruiser. They're offering to escort us past starstation New Frontier and assist in attacking the ICV Aries. They require payment in advance."

Commander Tek Prime glanced down at the asking price on his comm console and said, "Offer them 80% of that and maintain our course. If they follow or verbally agree, then contact Ragnar÷k to enact funds transfer."

"They've accepted our offer and are now cloaking." replied the comms officer.

As the Firestorm Super Carrier transited the connection between the two jump portals (with the cloaked merc super cruiser close behind), its main computer realigned its navigation references to account for its changed position from one side of the Cyrian starsystem to the other. "Display the TacOps view of New Frontier station on the bridgeviewer."

"Sir, they are launching two groups of 12 fighters. One is targeting us and the other is enroute to Pravis." said the tactical officer. "Ragnar÷k reports funds transfer complete and the mercs have acknowledged the receipt, Commander." added comms.

"Acknowledged, comms. Tactical, launch all FCs. Have them intercept the first group of Insurgent fighters at the jumpgate. I think we can handle twelve Insurgent Defender fighters without our own support craft. Plus we have some extra help this time." Tek said with a sneer.

ECV Stormhammer launched its fighter craft and powered up weapons and shields as several small jump anomalies formed all around from the approaching Insurgents. Tek transmitted a narrow beam message in the estimated direction of the cloaked merc cruiser, instructing them to either attack the Insurgents heading to Pravis or wait until Stormhammer's shields had dropped before rendering assistance to her.


Meanwhile, Commander Prime's group of small craft reached the Rinaal-to-Pravis jumpgate at the same time as NF-2. The FC-1 pilot frowned and spoke into his radio. "It looks like this group of Insurgents were ordered to rush to the aid of ICV Aries. They outnumber us 12 to 8. We cannot allow a single Insurgent through that gate, understood?" The other pilots acknowledged and opened fire as all 12 Insurgent Defender fighter craft of NF-2 turned on them.


NF-1 emerged from hyperspace and rapidly closed on ECV Stormhammer. "Load Perseus and Ralix missiles. Bring PTA and IOD online. Set PTA to 40% intensity and configure IOD for maximum recharge rate."

"Yes sir." confirmed the tactical officer.

The flight officer drew a breath, "Sir, our fighters have successfully engaged NF-2. None have made it to Pravis yet. Here comes NF-1 straight at us!"

Tek calmly countered, "Target two missiles on the leading fighter."

--Target Locked-- confirmed the weapons computer as laser shots began to pound Stormhammer's shields. "Fire."

Tek Prime then ordered evasive pattern Delta Two as one of Stormhammer's missiles was shot down and the other found its mark. "Commander, that fighter's shields are down and it has sustained moderate damage. Our own shields are down to 76 percent."

"Come about, target the next craft." Commander Prime said. Stormhammer's 12 PTA turrets managed to shoot down a few Insurgent missiles but plenty more found their mark, ripping the Vanguard Fleet carrier's shields down below 50 percent. "Fire IOD on that craft!" Tek gestured to a fighter quickly passing from bottom-left to top-right of the bridgeviewer. The Defender super fighter had almost completely recharged its own shields as ECV Stormhammer fired its 4 main guns, destroying the Insurgent craft with 5 bursts.

Three other fighters were soon disabled as Stormhammer's shields dipped below 10 percent. "Helm, have we banked enough for two successive hyperjumps?"

"Not yet, Commander. The second one will be charged in 12 seconds." the Flight Officer said.

"We're running out of time!" said the Nav officer.

"Tactical, target all turrets on craft behind us and launch three missiles at the one closest to our line-of-site ahead of us. Helm, target the Rinaal gate and ju-" Commander Tek said before the ship jarred to the side, sending some of the bridge crew flying from their chairs.

-Warning! Damage. Shield integrity breached.- the computer calmly stated.

Tek and the others picked themselves back up as the merc cruiser opened fire on the remaining 7 fighters of NF-1.


Meanwhile, at the Rinaal-to-Pravis jumpgate, FC-1 rushed at its nearest enemy and unloaded half of it's missiles just before passing the other craft. It repeated this on a second craft before its shields and weapons were disabled. Each Stormhammer pilot had already resigned to not making it back alive and was prepared to fight to the death. The pilot then rammed his craft into a third fighter but didn't eject in time - three kills from one weaker fighter! ECV Stormhammer's other fighters did not fare much better.


Aboard New Frontier, Commander Crossgrove saw that none of his Defenders were going to make it to ShoHashi, no thanks to that merc cruiser.

"Stupid mercs go after the highest dollar" said Tyler.

"That's not our concern, Lieutenant. Redirect ICV Daedalus from Capella to assist ICV Aries, and then launch NF-3. Order them to ram their way through to Pravis if they have to. We MUST get help TO Admiral ShoHashi. We'll still have plenty of capital and support craft to defend the station."


"Damage report." Commander Prime said.

"Only three of our turrets and one IOD cannon are functioning. Shields are down, and dorsal armor has been depleted. We are venting reactor coolant. Minimal crew injuries thus far and engines remain operational." reported the chief engineer. "Minimal crew injuries thus far, Commander." added the medical officer.

"Good, get every able-bodied person to work on repairs, even the marines. Let's see if their extra training pays off." ECV Stormhammer and the merc cruiser then jumped to the Pravis gate, with the lone surviving Defender from NF-1 in pursuit. The merc super cruiser had sustained damage similiar to the Earthcom Firestorm but significantly more casualties - however

their engines and cloak were still online.

While the two craft were in hyperspace, Commander Tek Prime took the opportunity to offer the mercs whatever parts and medical supplies he could spare and offered part of his superior manpower to effect repairs for them as well. The other commander gratefully accepted as they both exited hyperspace - just as the last of NF-3 passed through the gate.

"Where did those Insurgent fighters come from, where are ours?" Prime asked.

The tactical officer scanned TacOps and said, "Commander all our fighters have been destroyed - only 2 Defenders from NF-2 made it to Pravis. 3 of our pilots ejected and we are picking them up now. Those Insurgents we just saw are a third group of fighters launched from New Frontier station."

Tek pounded his command chair in frustration as he realized that 5 of his pilots had given their lives to protect ECV Ashdod from New Frontier's Defenders. Now, 14 Insurgent fighters had made it through to Pravis. Just then, the last Defender from NF-1 self-destructed as it rammed ECV Stormhammer from behind. The explosion rocked the ship and destroyed two of her turrets, just 2 clicks from the gate.

"Commander, this is the chief engineer. We need to stop and make repairs."

"No time, chief! We must get help to Commander Garrison, if he's still alive. We have a lot of people repairing both ships already. Helm, take us through."



ECV Ashdod and GCV Louisville closed to within 50 clicks of ICV Aries. "Ms Dodds, load STS missiles. Bring shields and weapons to full power."

"Sir, Aries has launched 4 fighters and is turning to attack us." reported Mrs Tolen from Navigaion. Commander Rick Garrison smirked, "Oh yeah? Launch OURS and open fire on Aries!" Louisville followed suit and fired on the Insurgent Megaron just as the three capital craft completed their first pass. 'So you decided not to jump after all, huh ShoHashi? Want to stay and play, right?' thought Rick.

"Commander, two Insurgent Defenders have entered the Pravis region from Rinaal. Our fighters have disabled one of Aries'


"Good have them break off and go after those two Defenders."

"Commander, twelve more Insurgent fighters have entered the region from Rinaal." Skidmore said from helm as a missile impacted Ashdod's veltral shields.

"Sir, an Insurgent capital craft has jumped in from Capella, designated ICV Deadalus."

ShoHashi is the fleet leader; he'll call the whole fleet to protect himself if necessary.

"ECV Stormhamer has jumped into the region."

"ICV Deadalus has fired on a cloaked merc super cruiser escorting ECV Stormhammer."


I ran out of time to catch Garrison up as well (got pretty close though). Sho, feel free to play Commander Garrison's side of the fight with ShoHashi if you post again before me. Include whether or not Serondal's Mondo character succeeds in destroying GCV Louisville and how badly it damages ECV Ashdod.

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ICV-Daedalus/Pravis System.

Insurgent Commander Canshow

Meanwhile on Pravis's surface...

Melissa,"Sir, we are recieving sub-space message."

Commander Canshow walked over to Melissa and read the message to himself.

"Looks like I have been ordered to assist ICV-Aries.Damage report?"

Chief Engineer Dick,"Hull is at 100%. All systems are good to go"

"Good. Whats the damage report on ICV-Prometheus?"

Dick,"Apparently we patched up the shields just in time. Our engineers have repaired the ship and are ready to go."

Commander Canshow Looked at this oppurtunity with two views.

Either A.He could engage ECV-Ashdod,who is engaging ICV-Aries, with two operational ships with half their crew complement

Or B. Destroy the weakened Stormhammer and disobey orders.

Commander Canshow knew there was no time to waste.

"Ashley. Tell ICV-Prometheus to engage Stormhammer. It should be strong enough to destroy Stormhammer without severe hull damage.Remind them to activate their cloak, we don't want any more insurgent casualties."

Ashley spoke,"Yes Sir."She had sent the sub-space message and it arrived in two minutes, with a responce,"Yes Sir."

Commander canshow spoke again,"Also, Melissa, engage ECV-Ashdod. As soon as we get in range, i want to launch all fighter craft and target Ashdod's main engines and power reactor, that way it can neither escape nor make sufficent repairs in-time to reach the nearest station."

Melissa,"Yes Sir."

--------15 minutes later.

Melissa,"We are in hyperspace. ETA-3 minutes until arrival."

Commander Canshow stepped on bridge, and looked out the window. He had hoped, that everything will turn out perfectly, of course, without any problems having half his crew on-board.

Canshow,"Activate the shields, launch all fighters to attack the Ashdod and her fighters,and fire at will as soon as we are at range of Ashdod. By the look of the sensors, it will take the GCV-Loiusville 5 minutes to reach our strike-position. I want this to be done quick and clean. If Louisville does reach us in the 5 minutes, i am reducing your paychecks by 10%, you got that officers?"

All the officers nodded at Commander Canshow.

"Good. Hopefully our new ICV-Prometheus commander and the ships old officers can fly."



Insurgent Newbie Commander Field.

ECV-Prometheus had half of ICV-Daedalus's crew complement. But because of security reasons, only the offiers, and system and flight engineers were only allowed out of the Prison. Commander Aerov and his crew had been sent to an Insurgent Prison camp on Pravis's surface.

Nav. Computer simply stated,"Exiting out of hyperspace"

Commander Field,"Good..good. Engage ECV-Stormhammer cloaked."

Nav Officer,"We are on Stormhammers starboard, and only 23.2m away. Orders?"

Field had thought carefully about his next action.

"Get close to Stormhammer, i mean so close we are 5m away from Stormhammer rear.Then fire all weapons."

Nav and combat officers,"Yes sir."

"Jimmy, send 15 marines aboard ECV-Stormhammer. Try putting them close to the bridge. I want all the ships officers dead, especially the commander. Then get them out of there, i dont care how you do it, just do it."

Combat officer Jimmy,"Yes sir."

Field,on his own amusement, decided to launch 20 STS-Missiles at the Stormhammer.

"Missiles Launched."


Meanwhile on the Daedalus...

"Exiting out of hyperspace", said the Nav. Computer.

"21m from Ashdod. Melissa you fool, you jumped too close."said Canshow.

The crew still had its orders from Canshow. They immedietly started to fire everything they had at the Ashdod's rear.

"Missiles launched."

"FC 1 and 2 are firing upon Ashdod. 3 and 4 are keeping out for any FC that may come."

"Good,"spoke canshow, "I hope this works."


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ShoHashi diligently looked at the bridge's onscreen tactical map. His four fighters were racing towards the Ashdod, running the interference plan he had ordered. With luck, they would be able to buy the Aries time to make it to the Pravis-Rinaal jumpgate.

"You did order them to RTB once we are to the gate, right?" said ShoHashi to Lieutenant Stamos.

"Affirmative. Admiral, something strange is happening with the Louisville. It's picking up speed and heading to intercept the Ashdod. Sensors also showed transporter beams emanating from the Louisville to the surface of Pravis," exclaimed.

"Now what the heck could be going on with the Louisville?", ShoHashi asked.

"I'm not sure," said Stamos, "but if the Louisville doesn't alter it's course immediately, it'll ram the Ashdod from the rear."

"Now this is interesting," said ShoHashi. "Let's use this to our advantage as well. Helm, get us to the gate...now."

"Aye, Admiral," said Lieutenant McAlter. He tapped a few buttons on his console and the Aries jumpdrive activated, hurling the ship towards the gate.

A tone sounded from the tactical map. ShoHashi looked at it and what he saw surprised him. He was seeing little dots representing Insurgent fighters emerging from the gate. They appeared to be heading towards the Ashdod and Louisville.

"What's up with that?" he thought.

"I'm receiving a coded transmission from New Frontier, Admiral," spoke Lieutenant Commander Tanberg. "Commander Crossgrove has launched 3 fighter wings for cover. He's attacking Ashdod and Louisville."

"Ah, that explains it," said ShoHashi to himself.

.........TO BE CONTINUED..........


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Only 14 of the 36 fighters New Frontier had launched made it to Pravis. In exchange, ECV Stormhammer had lost all its fighters and 5 pilots, and Commander Aerov's Man/Mer UCV-Gorgoth super cruiser had sustained extensive damage as well. Commander Prime lent eighteen engineers to Gorgoth's repair efforts and received his personnel back within minutes. Gorgoth's Commander Aerov had lost 12 of his 44 crew and 22 more were too injured to effect ship repairs. Needless to say, the remaining able-bodied ten were out-matched when canshow sent 25 Insurgent marines to capture UCV-Gorgoth. To limit his losses, Aerov surrendered his ship without a fight and, with canshow's permission, departed with all 32 of his surviving crew and sufficient food and supplies in both of UCV Gorgoth's shuttles.

Commander canshow renamed UCV Gorgoth to ICV Prometheus and assigned half his crew to it. He ordered Prometheus to attack Stormhammer and Daedalus to attack Ashdod. Commander Prime offered to take in Aerov and his crew, and the merc accepted. Stormhammer then broke off its engagement with the 14 Insurgent fighters, just as Ashdod's two fighters took its place, and headed towards Prometheus. Commander Aerov's shuttles were faster than his former ship and managed to dock with Stormhammer just before Prometheus could open fire.

Considering the new odds and the lives of his crew and guests, Tek decided to abandon the mission and relayed as much to Garrison. GCV Louisville had rammed Ashdod from behind and self-destructed, effectively disabling the once nimble Earthcom Starcruiser in the wake of Commander canshow's onslaut from ICV Daedalus. As ICV Prometheus and and the persuing 14 Insurgent fighters finaly depleted ECV Stormhammer's shields, Tek jumped away from his battle, towards Garrison's, and managed to catch Ashdod in Stormhammer's tractor beam just as Daedalus first three missiles ripped into Ashdod's already depleted hull armor. Rick Garrison's chief engineer Petrycki saw the nuclear core was about to overload, informed Garrison, and then ejected it. Commander Tek ordered Stormhammer out of the system via direct long-range hyperjump, intending to emerge somewhere in the Krynon starsystem.


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