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Its time, what are you guys playing? Doing.

also list what fan made stuff for games are worth checking out.

as usual Bridge commander modding still goes strong with the release of KM 1.0

Im looking at an interesting engine being created for star trek games, yeh the game itself is a long way off, and probably never come to fruition, but the engine is far along and you can tell by its feature list if you visit the home page of the engine, and by the screenshots available from it.


im taking a break from eve online. Eve is fun its ok its good, but in the end it aint star trek and i only originally tried it as something to hold me over until star trek online arrived, sto got cancelled and i got heavily involved in eve anyway, the 0.0 stuff, i fly carriers and capital ships etc, but it just requires too much time, and while gaming is my hobby no matter which game, i can say im a bit bored of it for now and I am taking a much needed break, my pvp corp i created which consists of 50 members with 90+ characters overall will be lead by someone else for now. I think creating the corp 8 months ago is what lead me to remain so heavily involved as when i logged in i always had something to do.

Been playing for 18 months now.

i tried x3 reunion again, but after installing it and the xtended mod which adds alot of good gameplay stuff to it, i dont feel like playing it for some reason. i could cheat and have my own empire or slowly grind one... too much work too little reward, and i think i could experience now by cheating, what i would be doing in the end, which is taking a fleet and killing off enemy sectors.

online games is good for this reason, you cant cheat your way up and it IS fun to build stuff up and your more into it when you do, whether you reach your personal end game eventually it was still fun.

bridge commander i play a battle or two. trying some mods for elite force 2, anyone recommend any?

tried starfleet command 3 again recently. meh. I think sfc,sfc2,sfc3 and the sfc series of games had the right idea with the dynaverse but each implementation of it was FAIL. I mean dyna1 to dyna 2 to dyna 3 nothing really that improved. The pvp is good, but a online game built around sfc3 would have been good, i always said sfc series had good combat, good micromanagement options for your starship, all it needed was a nice gameworld to inhabit.

tried legacy again... meh,utter waste of production money, peoples time.. star trek licence, its like donate this money to some charity instead of making this crap game.

played call of duty 4, its over. meh

playing sins of a solar empire. im pretty good at the single player part. i play that off and on still, but nothing super addicting.

playing UC:CE. having a ball with this, i make a point to play at least an hour a day, and no loading/saving unless something outrageous happens. Playing on realistic mode my style, very fun.

check my my commanders log in the ucce section of the forums,i plan to udpate it! for as long as ucce holds my interest.

darkspace is a lost caused, i visit it every now and then.

so whats new with everyone?

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Just working on my third map for Sid Meier's Railroads using USGS data, and playing some of the maps from the hooked on games community forum. :applause:

Was connecting to the beta .06 ucce server when it was up a few weekends ago and had fun there.

Otherwise just roaming the universe to see what I can see. :birthday:

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I've Been playing ARMA and CoD4, but that has been buying time until the end of may. Director's Cut of Mass Effect!! W00t!

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I play Dawn of War Dark Crusade from time time to time, and I pulled out Heavy Gear two for a couple of minutes last night. Still play the BC games off and on too, but I don't really ever have much time for them with life and all now. Battle Fleet Gothic seems to be a fun starship combat game for now. :birthday:

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