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Indie in the BC Universe

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I found BC3K 1.0 in late 1996. I learned about BC3K through USENET.

I purchased BC3K 1.0. I still own the copy. It's a fucked game, but it had promise. It was playable, if you spent the time to reboot...and then restart.

I was lurking on 3000AD when Derek made 2.0 It goes to 2.09. It was a completely different site then. BUT, Derek did allow people who purchsed 1.0, to download 2.9 for free. BC3K 2.9 is playable in a DOS enviroment. That's what I remember.

Then came BCM..and eveything was fucked after that. I was banned then. Then came UC.

During UC 1.0 , we all tried to help, but we were all banned.

I think I made it to UC 2.07 before I was banned.

Then there was the whole TDH drama, which is a different story.

Not the first ban of many. But you have to work through the process, I think Cc has the record for being banned.

But we love this game, so phuck 'em.

No offense Derek, as you already know who we are...

You made us Indie, and we're indie, so we get to say what we want, or we ain't Indie...

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Yeah, Cc definitely holds the forum ban record. That other twit who used to cross post on the DC forums is a close second.

Without offense:

Cc has never been a twit.

In point of fact, Cc knows as much as I do about this damn game, possibly as much as you do..from a gamer's perspective.

Cc has never been, nor can he ever be, a twit!

At least not as far as BC goes..

Cc was a prodigy.

Plus Takvah! Tak was another killer indie, who knew what was what.

Tak took some names in UC-MP, though he never got any credit.

TDH was undefeated, before it was disbanded..

1st season of UC-MP, TDH was undefeated.


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Thats who I was thinking of, Takvah. And yes, he was a twit. I have the archive posts to prove it.

btw, learn how to read. I never called Cc a twit. Plus, I can call anyone I want, what I want, when I want, regardless of who feels offended by it.

Oh wait, why am I even arguing with you? Especially with all the crap you've posted here and pretty much everyone else lambasting the games. One would think that you'd have moved on to something else by now.

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