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Man I can't believe it's been so long since I've worked on a story :P I'm trying to get back into the habit and to kick things off I thought I post a short teaser for story I am working and should have completed soon-ish. I hope you enjoy :D

ôAfter hours of heavy fighting government forces are still no closer in capturing the radical Al-Asad. Demonstrations and mass uprisings of the ajanib population continue to further hamper the already impotent response. Burning buildings and anti-aircraft fire light up the night-ö

The news continued to chatter blending in with the cacophony of panicked com traffic emanating from the planet. While it moved un-stealthed no one had taken notice of the Galcom battle-cruiser slipping into orbit. A certain perverse irony permeated the situation, a ship named Gunboat Diplomat being assigned to quell the uprising. There was a lot more to it though and not for the first time the XO privately mulled over the doubts perforating his usually calm demeanor.

If anything bothered the Commander, she kept it well hidden. Impassively monitoring bridge activity, calmly hearing the horrors as Second Liberty tore itself apart. Sensing, yet ignoring the troubled XO's s timid steps toward her, as he tried to place his thoughts together.

ôCommander, I-ö

ôEstimated time until orbital insertion?ö She said cutting him off.

ôOne minute 35 seconds until insertion, sirö the astrogator replied making slight adjustments

The XO shuffled closer, whispering into her ear ôEara, I-ö A harsh glare over her shoulder brought him up short. ôXO, begin final prep for Kinetic bombardment.ö It was a vacuous order, no real 'prep' work need be done. It simply was a message to butt out. He paused momentarily, the mental debate clear as day. He wanted desperately to get her to reconsider, but reluctantly he gave in. ôAye, Aye... sirö

As the XO faded into the distance, Eara sighed inwardly. It wasn't fair of her to come down on Jacob like that. While some of the crew had a rough outline of what was happening below, only he had an inkling of the personal significance to her. It was so much more than that her home world was tearing itself apart. It was so much more than that she had lived through the first uprising on Second Liberty.

ôTacOps begin targeting of the main rebel centersö

ôAye, Aye sir!ö The crewmen chorused

No, what Jacob desperately wanted to talk and persuade her out of, was the same exact choice her mother had made.

The Silent War

Second Liberty

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Isn't that opening from Call of Duty 4 ? : P I would like to hear more from this story, sounds interesting.

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