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Inbound Space Combat Games

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X3 Terran Conflict			- Deep Silver / Enlight
The Tomorrow War 1 - 1C
The Precursors 1 - Russobit-M
Dark Horizons 2 - Paradox


Blackstar 3 - Spacetime Studios
Black Prophecy 4 - 10tackle / Reakktor Media
Jumpgate Evolution - Net Devil
Infinity - Quest For Earth - Infinity[/code]

1 At least two of these probably won't be available in North America

2 This is actually the sequel to Tarr Chronicles but renamed by Paradox (the publisher) to Dark Horizons instead of Tarr2

3 May never see the light of day, due to the first publisher (NCSoft) canceling it earlier this year. Though the devs are still apparently working on it after having cut down their work dev team recently by 16.

4 May never see the light of day, due to 10tacle (the publisher) going out of business. Though the devs are still apparently working on it.

Did I miss any worth mentioning?

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The english version of The Tomorrow War will be released in september, 12 2008 (Information from 1C company euro site). There is a promo trailer in english in the 1C forum.


The Russian version was released 2 years ago. There is a sequel relesead nowadays named The tomorrow War:K Factor.

Here is a link for a movie from you tube showing the gameplay wich have a land and take off sequence and seamless transiction from space to planet. I liked :


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infinity will never see the light of day in the form it is intended right now.

Funny enough I've already heard such things before, and it wasn't 'Infinity'. Oh, wait, IIRC, the name had 3000ad in it.

Same with EVE.

And I see you're also as categoric with Elite4. I hope you have quite a lot of experience in game development to back up your claim.

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I think you can add an * next to X3:TC. A terrific game that apparently can't find a US publisher.

Of course they have a US publisher. Deep Silver distributes worldwide. The reason its not in retail is because, well, there's no money to be made. Thats why you can buy it online e.g. on Steam. A games doesn't have to be at retail.

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currently the bc suite of tech has been in dev from what 1986?

and 10 years from 1996 to 2006, its still not an MMO

i dont have to be a developer to know that the work load of delivering all the intended features that he proposes isnt going to happen anytime soon.

if he does stick with it and does it all, it'll get there and by the time it does, itll be out dated, on every level. because he is one person.

even Derek realised he couldnt deliver all he initially wanted to with galcom online(GCO)

so snide remarks = meh

as for sims

i plan to get x3:tc might not even play it but just to support space sims :P

recently ive seen people on egosoft forums discussing, evochron renegades from that starwraith guy. downloaded it and tried it myself, and i must say hes finally made something id play.

has this nifty feature like gal civ 2 where u can basically slot in/out different physical modules on your own ship in the star dock, its cool.

a bunch of other stuff make it a title worth checking out, recommend downloading the demo and doing the tutorial, so u can know how to dock :santasliegh:

google evochron renegades. not sure if ill buy it, its slow on 2 year old pcs, cause the graphics are quite good for an indie game, but built on DB PRO, so you know it needs top end hardware to run with the nifty effects on. also has seemless planetary transition from space. suddenly infinity isnt really sounding so hot anymore, sounded good in 2002 :D

starflight : lost colony is in public beta. www.starflightgame.com

terrible news about the precursors...

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On sidebar of the you-tube videos, I saw videos for the games independence war special edition defiance, and free space 2 source code Project.

The website for free space 2 source code Project is at


has anyone heard of these games?

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  • 2 months later...

Hey Derek can you update your OP or something with latest info?

also these are the games on my radar.

wondering if anyone else is following.

black prophecy

precursors (no news recently probably vaporware, sucks this happening to games EVEN before they get a chance to be played, all that work)

star trek online (curious on peoples opinion now that we know so much about at least 50% of the game) closed beta signups have started too.

jumpgate (personally dont thibk ill play it, i require more depth than twitch based combat or just pvp or just blowing stuff up, jg sounds like a planetside type mmo, nothing else to it)

blackstar (still way out there, I hate fantasy but at least its a fantasy/sifi hybrid)

galcom online (nothing known) is there even a finalized design of this game?

knightblade ( nothing known except the premise, is it still on par for 2010? like the main site says?)

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I thought Precursors was already out?

KnightBlade - as a standalone game - has been canceled. Did that two weeks ago and only our internal testers know about it. The reasons will be stated in my new dev blog coming up next week after the holidays.

As for the others, Jumpgate doesn't seem to be straying from the original formula, so who knows how that one will turn out this time around.

I don't have high hopes for STO at all. So don't believe the hype. Its looking a lot like yet another SWG. Which is not a bad thing if thats your kind of game.

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if precursors is out then i am mistaken. but their official site is stuck in time. at least the english one, i wouldnt know what is going on with the russian one.

I am *let down* by star trek online. ill still play it i guess, but i wonder how long for...

my idea for st online would have been let the player choose what race he wants to be, and then go from there.

from there they can choose to enlist in one of several factions, klingon/romulan/federation.

so for example lets say at level 20 you decide to go to starfleet academy get some training some new skills etc and eventually commission of a small ship to command. and same thing for the klingon or romulan ones.

anyone who didnt want to have a starship or be a captain wouldnt have to be. there forcing players into a specific way to play startrek, that works fine for a standalone game like starfleet command or elite force, but it doesnt work for an MMO.

content could easily be there for people to do the captain/command thing and for people who didnt want any of that type of gameplay.

theres a whole big world to star trek other than that is seen on the screen. I thought that as a developer and what most developers like is creativity, freshness, life, something different, but by making the type of star trek game that they are making they are not making anything that has not been done before or seen before on the screen.

we've had space combat st games before and we've had ground combat ones, only difference here is both are linked. and poorly so. through load screens. you can almost modify bridge commander to do the exact same thing. few loading screens then change your environment your in and viola you have 'traveled far'

I want to see the slums of the star trek universe, the unlawful parts, the frontier, the fringes, the places hardly seen in the show, the gamma quadrant. theres a place for content for whats seen on the show, but to me the best challenge for the devs would have been what we do not see or have not seen, but i guess they chose the easy route.

well for all my wishing its theirs to do with as they please and its just another lost lot of potential for greatness. but i wish it could have been created sandbox style with a market of 500k niche players in mind.

hopefully their exploration content which we probably wont get to experience until beta and launch, because thats not really something you can show off. hopefully it will have something good. but right now the PVE content which is being shown off, the engage in space combat, beam down engage in ground combat, beam back to your ship end of episode content is not sending enthusiasm through me, will it be fun? yeah maybe, but it wont be great and it'll get old. fast.

you dont have a choice of what to do in a mission your being scripted to get off your ship when they want you off of it and on the planet.

anyway welllllll...........

tl:dr I could write a book on why the current sto is fine financially but in terms of what it could have been its garbage.

im sad to hear about knightblade, really looked forward to it.

what is on the horizon since aoa and aaw are finished and shipped.

GCO? or your last best single player space game?

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We moved on to the MMO project. It is the last game that we do. More information in my next blog update.

k i look forward to it, as a side note, since you may or may not cover this in your blog, (maybe you will now )

are you continuining with the previous development from before or starting from scratch?

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While I was looking inside Impulse today, I ran into this : http://starwraith3dgames.home.att.net/evoc...gends/index.htm

I may try it since it's just 28$.


Too be honest dude, i tried it, and i did not like it at all.

I forgot the exact details because ive played so many space games, but i dont like it.

Probably too confusing. Like X3

But then again, read the reviews and that will be all that you need to know.

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Evochron Legends is a excellent game ....

The planet scales are all wrong and it's nowhere near as "Military" (i.e. Microprose-ish) as 3000ad stuff but still an excellent space sim by a solo developer.

Highly recommended.

But personally, if you don't have Echo Squad SE I would suggest that instead, because now with the DLC2 pack you can free-form till your hearts content ...... amazing.

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