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Ginme a hand please...


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All right. After lotsa time being a mercenary... it seems that now i'd like to... ehem... be quite more formal in my duties. So i'd like to start a carrier with gammulan military in a G Super Carrier (OK, i know i said it's slow and things like that... but the amount of fighters and other vehicles makes them... tempter). But before going into a galactic killing spree, i'd love to know some things.

1. What artifacts can the G-Supercarrier use? (i know it can't use the T.A. nor the K.R.).

2. Is it possible to gain rank, so i might command a fleet when being gammulan? (Not Galcom, not Terran Military).

thank you...

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well, actually in the apendix it states that my G Carrier may not use the T.A. nor the K.R. But nothing else, so i don`t know f.e if the celestial orb will be compatible with this asset, or if i'm gonna be able to use the random missile. That's what i'm looking for.

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Ok dude, look in the game appendix.

I don't use super carriers due to the fact that they have low shields and are really vulnerable to attack at any time, and its a target for intruders.

Use a heavy carrier. It can use all the artifacts, correct me if im wrong.

Never use the supercarrier.

Because you will die easily in it. Especially the fact that you do not start with alot of money. Its low shield will mean it will get breached alot and hull damage. You cant afford to lose any crew, especially soldiers in the begining, and repairing your FC's and carrier. Although it has a big hull, it wont mean it will protect you more, it just keeps you alive a little longer, even with a few artifacts installed.

My advice do not use the supercarrier unless you REALLY know what your doing, and have a set of fail-safes incase you get to the point of hull damage.

Heavy carrier would be the best since it has average shield points and can use all the upgrades and artifacts that the super carrier could not.

Super carriers are supposed to be for sniping with your FC.

Also, it would be best to send out 2 FC's when your attacking a carrier or a supercruiser. One can do the job, but it is possible it will get damaged that it cannot move or the pilot will be dead.

SC, im wondering, why cant the co-pilot fly the FC if the pilot is dead?

Hope this helps you blade-lord.

P.S, i think the Missile is compatible and the Orb as well. IDK, send me a msg if u want to know.

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