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Turner seeks buyer for GameTap

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Hope that anyone who loses their job, gets to land on their feet. The folks (at lease the ones I worked directly with) are really top notch and classy folks. It sucks when stuff like this happens. But thats our industry I suppose.

I hope Google buys them because with their "hands off" approach and work ethics, letting the GameTap brain trust do their own thing - rather being part of the whole Warner/Turner/AOL clusterfuck - would be a good thing.

GameTap is an idea that was well ahead of its time and it just needs to shed its training wheels, find someone to actually drive the damn bus - preferably with the lights off.

Services like this usually have at least a three to five year span to profitability. But when you see stuff like this (the cheeky beancounters at Turner are calling it a "noncash impairment", and thats just sad since it doesn't exactly exude confidence in the service) it all points to someone at the top not fully understanding what they have or what to do with it. Sound familiar?

And they need to get rid of Exent. Period. Lack of proper Vista and 64-Bit support are just a part of the problem with the tech and there is no excuse for that. None whatsoever.

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