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DRM Kills Spore Sales. Increases Pirating Rate.

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Gag, I knew this wold happen. every one knew it would happen for that matter, every one but EA

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TAGES then DRM used in the NA release of The Witcher Enhanced Edition, forced me into booting up XP Pro again (usually use win2k for gaming and linux for anything useful) as it apparently, depends on the hook added to the XP kernel.

They, apparently, used Starforce in Europe, but there's a "universal" crack for that.

That said, at least TWEE doesn't restrict to 3 installs, as I'd already be down 2 just trying to see if I could get it up and running under 2k, then having to go back and re-install it for XP as I didn't feel like spending the time on registry hacking assuming that the 2k registry got FULLY updated and I could track down all of the necessary entries... If this were SPORE, a likely soon hw upgrade would eat my last install.

Yay! For renting while lying and telling you that wait, you're not really renting...

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