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The Fall Lineup

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Just when I thought a 500GB drive for my BeyondTV HTPC was ok, I find myself thinking about getting a 1TB drive. So many shows, so little time!! My HTPC records two OTA HD streams and one DTV (via S-Video) via two Hauppage tuners. But now it looks like I'm going to have to add a fourth feed (for my basic cable) since it looks like most of these shows are going to start overlapping once the networks start shuffling things around.

Since I only get to watch one show per day a week and at most two or three on the weekend, I have a major backlog!! In fact, I haven't watched a single episode of Bones and several other returning shows.

So far, the only new shows which have caught my interest enough to actually tape, are listed below. Come next year, my guess is that The Mentalist, Fringe and a bunch of new shows are all going to get axed.

What I'm taping:

The Shield		  248   DTV HD (but recorded in SD due to S-Video connection)			 
The Closer 245
Saving Grace 245
Burn Notice 242
In Plain Sight 242
Eureka 244
Law & Order: CI 242

Lost 10101 OTA HD
Terminator: TSCC 10071
Prison Break 10071
Heroes 10061
Chuck 10061
Supernatural 10391
Life 10061
CSI 10041
CSI: Miami 10041
CSI: NY 10041
NCIS 10041
Criminal Minds 10041
Without a Trace 10041
The Unit 10041
Bones 10071
Law & Order 10061
Law & Order: SVU 10061
Boston Legal 10101
30 Rock 10061
Reaper 10391


Raising the Bar 245
Sons of Anarchy 248
The Cleaner 265
The Mentalist 10041
Flashpoint 10041
Fringe 10071


My Own Worst Enemy
Life On Mars
The Eleventh Hour[/code]

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Geeze mate, I have no idea how you think you're ever going to catch up on all of those. I'm not a self made software/game developer and I don't even have the time to watch more than 1 or 2 shows a day . Then again I've got two young children so they suck most of my time up.

I have a feeling Fringe is going to make it because it is so much like X-files/Lost ect that I think it wil suck in previous fans of x-files and fans of lost that are waiting for the new season to start. A girl where I work is dead hooked on it. I've seen it a few times, seems like a "been there done that" kind of thing to me.

I miss having cable :birthday: I miss my sci-fi channel with Stargate SG -1 and atlantis and battlestar galatica ect ect. I can't stand these shows they have on, in fact most of the shows you've listed I can't stand to watch any more. I can watch a good episode of CSI (anything) and House if I'm in a grusome mood but the rest I can't deal with.

I admire you for organzing your TV schedule so well and storying it on what must be an extremly expensive piece of hardware :birthday:

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Now you know why that 500GG HDD is looking so small now. I have so much catching up to do, its not even funny.

As for Fringe, yeah, you're right. It does have that "been there, done that" feel to it, but I like John Noble and he's perfect for the part he plays. The others, especially Joshua Jackson, are easily forgettable.

Sometimes even my favorite shows bore me. Thats why I have the FF button. For e.g. I watched the latest Terminator episode and I think I must have FF past about 70% of it. Seriously.

Speaking of conflicts, I just got an email from my server telling me that next Monday, the premiere of Boston Legal, clashes with CSI-Miami on Monday night. And thats because at that hour, I am already recording THREE (two OTA and one DTV) shows!!

So this weekend I'm going to have to make a trip to the attic and tinker around with a high gain splitter so that I can have a fourth feed (for cable) coming off the line that DTV (which replaced the cable in that media room) took over. Since my Hauppage tuners have two OTA, two cable and one serial each, I can just stick the split cable into the spare fourth feed and end up with 2 OTA, 1 DTV (s-video) and 1 basic cable (coax) for a total of four (instead of three) feeds. Thank God the HTPC is powerful enough to record it all or I'd be looking at a system upgrade as well.

Ah, its fun to be a geek! :birthday:

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Geek? Sounds more like you used to be a cable guy before you started making games :birthday: I don't even have a VCR man lol. Good luck with that. We don't even have cable but I did just got the digital converter box. It makes your picture look FANTASIC coming from rabbit ears it looks like cable. Of course 3 or 4 of the channels I watch on a daily basis aren't showing up on it so its kind of a crap out. Only channels I never watch show up on it. Hopefully when the force the digital switch over all the rest of the channels will switch too.

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You will probably get more channels when those stations change over, but my guess is thats not your problem since most stations have already switched.

Your problem will be the same as before: rabbit ears are - for the most part - rubbish.

Get a high gain powered indoor or outdoor antenna. I use a $120 (incl. S&H) Winegard GS2200 Sensar III antenna. It is sitting on the window sill in my media room and gets fanstatic reception without me having to even mount it outdoors (though it is an outdoors antenna) on a pole. In fact, the reception is so good that I split the signal using a powered splitter - which is how I end up with two OTA feeds for my HTPC.

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We're using a 20-30 dollar attena with an extra little ring thing on it. It gets station 41 (fox here) but when we use the digital convert box it shows channel 41 doesn't even exist. Still if we switch it back manullay to 41 it works just fine O.o The picture isn't that good indeed but it is still watchable. In fact the picture is worse than before, I supose because now it is going through the digital converter box before it hits the TV for no reason when on that channel :birthday: Hopefully it is just that they havn't switched over yet, other wise we'll be screwed when comes time for them to switch over and turn off the other method. Then again by that time my wife should have a job in the dental assistant field so maybe I'll get cable back and it won't even be an issue -hopes hopes hopes-

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Don't even bother with Knight Rider. Right out of the gate it already set itself up to be the Fall's first casualty. My God, this first episode was just.pure.rubbish.

I have my doubts about Eleventh Hour too since it is such a Fringe wannabe.

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