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Review of CC Units

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For some reason recently everything finally clicked for me and I finally got good at UC:AWA. I don't know what it is that caused this to happen but everything seems so simple now, I understand all the buttons and commands and point of the game, so I've begun to do very well. So I thought I would share my thoughts on each of the CCs I've flown and see what other people think about them.

Sunflash - I flew a breif mission with a Sunflash and got to know it rather well. This thing is quick and heavily armed but lightly armored. I found it was very useful for cutting off larger carriers that had longer jump times and made quick work of them before they were fully out of hyper space. The ship is very interesting looking and has well placed turrets (8 of them now, I think it used to be 10 in older versions) With 5 placed ontop of it and 3 below it is a death zone above the sunflash for light fighters. The turrets lack the power of say a megaron though so they are only useful for light to medium fighters. It is possible to take out a space station with these if you jump directly to the supply station and you're lucky, but one or two PTA blasts from the station and you're toast !

Megaron - As far as I can tell this is the best ship in the game. It has very powerful shields/armor, has 10 turrets with 5 above and 5 below in awsome places. 4 powerful cannons, cloaking, all the upgrades and artifacts. Also it is FAST and it turns quickly. IT has the average recharge and jump times of 90 but still faster than a Firestorm. It carries some heavy fighters, my favorite the vandals :birthday: Also it looks very interesting so another plus there. In my time with the Megaron I've found that it is nearly unstopable. Fully upgraded this thing is a force to be sure. For direct in your face combat this is the best carry you can have in my opinion. With fully upgraded (non artifact) shields enemy pta fire just bounces off harmlessly it seems and only direct fire from cannons or missles are dangerous.

Fire Storm - This thing is huge, green, and slow. My current ROAM mission is with one of these bad guys and I'm actually enjoying it. With 4 Zenstars and 4 Ravens (the only carrier with Ravens) it is a force to be feared as well. With fully upgraded armor it has well over 10,000 armor but even fully upgraded its shields are LESS than Megarons base shields! The whole idea here is never to put this thing in harms way if you can help it as it won't take much of a beating, but if it has to it can hold out long enough for you to cloak and escape. The Raven super fighter is the all around strongest fighter in the game and is extremly useful for attacking enemy ships. I sent my 4 after an enemy Fire Storm and they were able to defeat it without taking any damage even as its 8 fighters counter attacked me and got chewed up by my 4 Zenstars and my PTAs. Being the commander of this ship really makes you feel like top dog, top and very very slow dog :birthday: The main cannons are almost to powerful and make capturing enemy space stations hard because even at 10% the station normally goes from being on fire to being destroyed and skips SOS and Disabled mods :P

Space Star - This ship looks awsome and it is VERY strong when fully upgraded. Being a super cruiser it has no access to the good artifacts but that is okay as the ship really doesn't need most of them. It has few turrets but enough shields and armor to hold out against most foes while the turrets you DO have slowly ping away at them. The main guns are powerful enough to destroy space stations and enemy carriers quickly and the ship itself is pretty fast. In general this thing is an all around tank and it is a bit different then other ships, giving you a special feeling when you take it out. You don't see many of these floating around the universe, at least I don't :P

War Monger - PFffft, this thing is way over rated. The way the turrets are layed out makes them almost uesless because you can only ever get 2-4 on target at any one time and that is only if they're in between the top and side or bottom and side arcs. That being said I think this is the fastest CC in the game? That doesn't really do you that much good considering most combat situations are decided by Hyperjump time and shields, being fast isn't all that useful even if you want to run because missles and fighters are always going to be faster. All in all I think I'd leave this one home :P

Questar - This cruiser is one of my favorites. It is covered with 10 turrets, though you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it. I believe the top part has 3 double turrets and then there are 2 double turrets on the bottom of the ship. When things get in your firing arcs it is like a laser show at disney world :allhail: Fully upgraded this thing is a real bad boy with plenty of armor and shields and speed to go around. I think this may be my favorite cruiser out of the entire bunch.

Well that is my major review of the ships that I have spent a long time with. I have tried out pretty much ever ship but the rest of them havn't really stood out to me yet. I don't like any of the Battle Cruisers, nor the Storm Carrier or anything of that nature. Please post your comments on what I think of these ships along with what you think of them or other vessels I havn't mentioned :allhail:

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