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WARNING: nVidia GeForce 178.24 WHQL ForceWare Drivers

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These latest drivers break several games. Including the font rendering in most of our games. Since these are driver bugs, there is nothing that we can do. So, if you have installed these, you might want to rollback or wait for their next driver update.

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Nope. Broken again.

Anyway, the issue is in the FSAA and the GUI display. If you have FSAA enabled, you won't see any text in the Frontend GUI displays (e.g. config, start new game etc). The only way around this is to open up the UCCONFIG.INI file in Notepad, look for the FullScreenAA=2x line and change it to FullScreenAA=DISABLED and save the file.

Hopefully they will fix it in later drivers.

After changing the above, you can use the nVidia control panel to set the FSAA without using the game's settings.

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