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commander gear profile 2 gives wrong ammo...

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Yeah in UC:CE, the TL22 from that profile requires duc 3 ammo but you get standard duc ammo unusable by any weapon in profile 2.

you also don't get enough type 2 clips to use both modes of the scat2 pistol.

to confirm fpgear.ini has this line for profile 2:


any chance on a quick patch to fix this? Or even better, a patch to remove the MD5 hash checks so we can change it ourselfs? (if this truely is the last of the series I don't see any reason why not.)

edit: just checked UC and see that profile 2 used to use the ZS12 which uses standard duc clips. So whenever the change was made to TL22 someone changed the display name but forgot to change the inventory name.

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This fix is now in this KB081017 update. Download and extract into your UCCE game folder and overwrite pre-existing files when prompted.

The SCAT2 inventory is fine and will not be revised.

I have no intentions of removing the MD5 signature from the files.

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