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Fax On Washington For Alien Proof.

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a new website up is asking you to send a message to the Washington asking for them to reveal all of the alien evidence they currently have under wraps, they are currently trying for a record 1 million. this is inspired by a mention of aliens by president jimmy carter which ended up with people sending over 10,000 letters about the mention to the white house and caused the government to launch two ET studies.


pretty cool, should give a look at what these people are all about even if it probably doesn't work...

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I can't really go along with this. The same anecdotal evidence that suggests that we are not alone in the universe (it's sheer size) would also suggest that it would be next to impossible for any intelligent lifeform to find us.

And pressuring a government to release evidence which we have no evidence of its very existence seems futile.

If someone can prove that there is evidence of alien life then there is no need for further proof as that would, in-and-of-itself be evidence of alien life. Kinda like the Pink Unicorn. Prove it does NOT exist.

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