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gun emplacements fix. 11/14/08


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yep, noticed the gun emplacements didn't have a /COCKPIT tag anywhere which resulted in views like this:


But after adding the tags you now get this:


the unfortunate side effect is that as soon as you enter the gun emplacements now, a destroyed version will be created in the exact same spot for some reason... only once per turret though. Fortunately the destroyed versions never get repairs and do not stop gunfire from coming or going so you can safely ignore it. Unfortunately, they also get saved when you save the game as well, and then you will spawn another destroyed turret if you use it once again.

However it's well worth the side effects, as you can actually see who's shooting you, and what your shooting at now.


just put these in the "models" folder. However I highly recommend first making backups of YN99MK1.3D and LADMK1.3D just in case you want to go back to the originals.

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May I ask how you did that?

Don't waste your time.

The /cockpit vector is used for units which the player can control and which can move. It is used for the player's POV. The NPC units - such as that automated gun emplacement - don't use it. The only reason the view actually changes is because he was able to switch to it - which I have now fixed in the .03 Beta patch.

Plus you have seen just a few of the side effects.

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