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X Axis Inverted After Update (ucce)

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Today I installed Universal Combat Collector's Edition from the retail DVD-ROM (v1.00.03). After completing installation, i used the auto-update tool, included with the game, to update my game to v1.01.01.

I fired up the game, adjusted a few options in the Config menu, then started a Roam scenario, only to find that moving my joystick left and right along the x-axis caused my ship to roll the opposite direction. I'd move it to the right and my ship would roll to the left.

I went back in to the Config menu and tried out various settings, but nothing seemed to change the inverted axis. Next, I checked the drivers and calibration for my joystick. I'm using a Saitek X-52 pro. Having played the game before, along with BC, and UCAWA versions, i noticed a new option to swap Yaw/Roll between X and Z axes. I figured this might have something to do with it, so i read the version control file. It only seems to state that issues like this had been fixed.

I then uninstalled the game, and reinstalled it from the DVD-ROM. In v1.00.03, the joystick performs as it should in regards to the x-axis, having adjusted no other settings than to specify joystick flight control in the config menu. Then, after updating again, to v1.01.01, and adjusting no other settings, the axis goes inverted.

I'm wondering if there's a fix for this. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Works fine here.

I plug in my Saitek AV8R-01 stick, start a game, launch.

I push my stick L/R, the craft rolls L/R.

I twist the stick, the craft yaws L/R.

I push the stick F/B, the craft pitches U/D

You might want to go into control panel and check your stick settings. Also make sure you're running the latest DirectX.

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I have a Saitek X-52 joystick and have the X axis inverted when playing Universal Combat Collector's Edition version 1.0.4. I just downloaded the very latest update for DirectX. When I move the joystick right, I roll left and vice versa. I do not see an option on the joystick to invert the X-axis.

When I play other games, the X-axis functions correctly. What could explain this?

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