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Impossible To Install Video Game

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All the game developers are racing to creating the shittest and most impossible experience in the world of installing your PC game,

latest up today is Dawn Of War 2. It comes with a DVD that does NOTHING, despite your best attempts to understand it's purpose it all boils down to you having to get the game off steam anyway (because thats the only way to install the f*cking patches)

you will then cry in agony when you discover it's impossible to install patches, and since you need to have the latest one installed to play the game AT ALL the game is completely worthless to you. easily rivaling Grand Theft Auto 4. you can read users woes in the Tech Support board on the Dawn of War 2 Forum


Also the save files corrupt easily, you can't access options and games for windows live simply rejecting you are other problems

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I bought FEAR2 retail the other day and the game requires Steam. This Steam system for retail games is a load of crap since I can't give my dad or brother the game to play through, because the CD key is tied to my account...

To really kick me in the crotch is that I completed the whole game in less than 7 hours...

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