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Playstation-itis, Anyone?

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First there was tendonitis from using certain Wii games (which kind of makes sense). Now skin lesions from PS2 controllers? Wow.


Some people have no sense of moderation.

I guess I'll have to be careful. :D

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Interesting how doctors try to come up with new ailments, even though they are yet to figure out every other malady that can afflict the human body.

What's really laughable is this one was coined from only one person with the problem. We can't figure out why your hands are sore little girl, let's blame it on your console gaming habits. Puhhhlease! Too many variables left out for any kind of logical, intelligent conclusion. Like.....

Was she using a standard gamepad or did she have one of those latex skins installed? If so, she might be allergic to latex.

I have used PS3 gamepads, both standard and skinned (more comfortable btw) and I have never had any trouble with my hands while playing a console game so, I'll draw my own conclusions if my palms start hurting.

Interesting story though, even if it's the load of crap I suspect it is.

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