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Invasion Of Pravis System

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It had been about 2 months since the ICV-Aries delivered critical cargo to the Pravis Station. Since then, Insurgent Forces have grown stronger in the region, and there are less and less enemy raids each day.

Then a came a point where you had to subscribe into a union, otherwise any travel in and out of the system was taxed.

In turn, this gave the insurgents enough funds to eventually fortify themselves permenantly in the system, and construct factories in space, and illegal mining facilities beneath the surface of the planet.

Currently, Pravis is an insurgent stronghold.


Insurgent Commander Canshow


Commander Canshow recieves a message on his transmitter and reads it.


12:30 PM.

To: All Insurgent Commanders stationed in Pravis or Capella.

From: Insurgent Command

Greetings all Insurgent Personnel.

Recently, we have recieved Intel from our spies in the Gammulan Military ranks. Many insurgents lost their lives for this vital information. Intel reports that hordes of Gammulans have been swarming to the Regulas system. A couple of days ago, we lost communication with our probes in the Regulas system. Last thing we know is that Gammulan fleets have been gathering around the wormhole to Cyron. All we know is that they are going to come into Pravis at 19:00. We estimate that there will be about 30-50 large enemy vessels. Half will likely be supercruisers and carriers. The other half will consist of LRTs and MRTs, along with other small combat vessels. We dont know if they have any intentions on hurting us, or making an attack on Galcom. Our diplomats have been trying to communicate with the Gammulans but have had no success. We can only think they are planning an invasion. All travel in and out of the system will be suspended. Deserters will be destroyed.

There is no definite number on the amount of the gammulans, expect many.

Insurgent Command is asking for your help in the defence of Pravis System. Every Commander, and every Pilot is needed. Repairs will be free of charge, and there may possibly be a discount on all spare parts/weapons. All vessels must be equiped with functional shields and turrets.

Fighter craft drifting in space will be scrapped.

Friendly or not, every single gammulan will be shot down unless told otherwise.

Be Prepared, and good luck.

P.S - Do not forget to make sure all Jammers are operational.


After reading the message, Canshow spits out a piece of his hamburger.

"What the hell? I already have enough things on my mind!"

Canshow took a last bite of his lunch and sent a message to his whole crew to be onboard the ICV-Daedalus by 3:00PM today for a de-re-briefing.


The following takes place between 3:00 PM and 3:30 Pm.


Canshow: Alright...anyways, your all on duty as of now, and i assume you recieved that message from HQ. And well...since you have no where else better to be... >.>

*Marine throws a bottle at canshows head and misses*


*Security fires a shot at the marine and puts him in detention hold*

"Right...and im also going to need a list of any medications your taking..."

To be continued....


It may use some edits, but thats all i got right now, Please care to add on.

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