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Indie Development Costs


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Jeff Vogel is one of the more widely known Indie game developers, his company SpiderWeb Software has over the years created the Exile, Geneforge and Avernum series among others. Recently he started a blog, and I saw this very interesting post on there about indie game development and the costs *click*, I thought perhaps some people here might be interested in it.

I'm happy to say that I've bought all his Geneforge games over the years, and some of the Avernum (I find the controls in Avernum a tad annoying). They're great games, with massive demos, too massive really. It is too bad that such good development isn't rewarded with more profit - though with his games, they're going to be sold for who knows how long, so eventually they will hit the black, unlike mainstream games.

Being an indie dev is tough, eh? Especially without another job! :D

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