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Well seem, Stardock is getting the wrath of pirates with their latest RTS


and blog from Stardock


Didn't tried Demi God yet. Seem to be a great game.

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Yet another fine example (by Brad Wardell, Press of Stardock) of why we like our forums the way they are.

Yeah. What really bothers me is the post after his:

You'll likely find that any online gaming community tends to be the same. Granted, my first hand experience is limited (to WoW), but it's the nature of the internets.

Of the 3 communities that I frequent (in a ghastly, ghost like manner where I don't post for months at a time ;) ), none of them have any problems. After a game release the Bohemia Interactive forums tend to erupt in a bunch of flame wars, but it settles down after about a month. Of other communities I've been involved in, even the scary GameReplays community, none have been as bad as the Blizzard community or the Demigod community has been. Demigod isn't even fun to play anymore because of all the pricks who are playing it.

That post really shows the attitude of people who post on those communities.

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imho, i think stardock games have little replay value at all.

I've tried their S.O.A.S.E and entrenchment, along with GAL CIV II, very small replay value.

This is why i like the games SC makes. Replay value = important. :beerchug:

Along with other on-line RPG games, i have the same opinion of them.

WoW was good before everyone started playing and then it became just gay. It gets very boring after a while.

Jumpgate online will have the same effect, etc.

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Well, as of Gal Civ , that I've played - I had the same feeling as canshow in case of Gal Civ II - once I finished game with satysfying score, when I tried play again I felt that game is extremly boring.

When I read at some gamers magazine that Gal Civ II will be based on the same idea I realized that I don't want to buy it and play it, because it's not worth this something about 100 PLN or even more.

Oh, and even I if Demigod would fit my gamers taste, I'm not sure I would like to play it and contribute to that kind community as shown at example above.

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