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A World Apart -acm Patrol Zones...


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I'm trying to learn UC-AWA. I've been through the tutorial for UC(free version). I've recently purchased AWA. I'm trying to start a campaign, "A World Apart". The first mission it appears is to patrol the Jupiter region. Great. But I've not seen any baddies....no problem. But I keep loosing experience points cuz a ship makes it through carrying "Unauthorized Weapons". I guess it must be cloaked or something?

I did see one ship I thought had weapons early on in the mission. But it was a friendly...or so I thought.

I've launched probes to the various regions of Jupiter, and at jump gates. I've launched fighters. But the few times I've played the mission, the same message comes up about unauthorized weapons.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong in these "Patrol Missions". Any help is greatly appreciated regarding strategy.

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