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Reskin Ucawa


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I always disagreed with fighters being all kind of different colours in game, like some sort of formula 1 cars, as far as I know military like their vehicles painted in the same way, or at least there's some kind of country colour scheme. So I decided to colour-code my assets:

gunships - dark-grey

shuttles - orange (workhorse colour)

fighters - grey-blue, etc

here are my first attempts:





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For some time I've been annoyed with the color of the interface, that orange hurt my eyes, so I decided to redesign it to a bit more friendly one and added some artwork to the background as I worked along. The idea was that when the actual info is provided via some sort of an implant in the head of the commander (I don't remember now how it was exactly described in the manual to justify the lack of proper hud) while the picture at the backround is a feedback from security cams around the ship








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I wish I could have reworked the HUD for the assets and FP (rearrange the buttons, maybe put some sort of an image overlay to simulate the 2D cockpit and the bridge like old Battlecruiser 3000k was), but I guess that would mean a totally new GUI and totally new game.

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