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Eve Online - Another Month, Another Scandal

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Yes! A lot of fun ensues when players have tools to develop their own applets and institutions with those applets. It's what keeps this universe going, and the original neverwinter nights community going too. The risk of epic failure is there too. All part of the fun.

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sucks for all those investors.

whoeever thinks someone wont steal is dumb.

im still fighting atlas ;)

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I used to be a corporate raider in EVE.

It was a fairly simple thing to do if you had the right skills built up, you could gain access to the corporations storage hangars, pop in with a big transport with lots of cans and clean out everything. Turn around and sell all their junk. Then disappear into my fortress of solitude located in a marginally safe system.

My corp had one employee. Me. I laughed at investment schemes so, my ISKs stayed in my bank account.

The thing that really pissed me off was the gold farmers who hired pilots to clean out asteroid belts and destroy anyone else mining there.

Yup, destroying a ship that was friendly carried the consequence of reprisal from the NPC authorities. But it didn't mean squat when the culprits were flying worthless noob ships, that were immediately replaced after they docked their pod at a station.

Things got so bad with that type of piracy, I quit. It seemed that the Eve gurus encouraged that type of behavior and coded everything in their favor. A large transport with nothing more than a mining laser was always an easy target.

I think when all of their players finally get sick of a one sided game, they will bail and leave the boys in Reykjavik without a job.

Serves them right.

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