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Fleets Faq

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By: Quazar

Edited by: ShoHashi

Revised: 9-9-09


I'm considering joining a Player Group. But no one's active right now except me. What should I do?

Contact the Fleets Caretaker, currently ShoHashi, or post in a currently existing topic in the General Fleets Discussion Forum. If this happens again later, take the initiative and start recruiting members. You may just make Fleet Leader!

What's a player group?

A Group is any persistent collection of personnel in the 3000AD universe. Personnel are either NPCs or Players. A Group of any size that contains one or more Players is called a Player Group. Any two player groups may be allied, neutral or enemy to each other depending on their Race/Caste combination.

What are Fleets?

A Fleet is an Organization under a Fleet Alliance.

What is an Alliance?

An Alliance is the sum of all personnel of a given Race/Caste combination. Races are Terran, Empirian, Vesperon, Credian, Kandorian, Mandorian, Zelon, Valkerie, Falkerie, Gammulan, Syrion, and Droidan. Castes are either Aggressive or Harmless.

Aggressive Castes are Military, Police, Raider, Criminal, Assassin, Mercenary, and two Castes unique to Terrans: Insurgent and Earthcom. Harmless Castes are Explorer, Colonist, Scientist, Diplomat, Trader, Paramedic, Worker, Commercial, Journalist, Tourist, and Hacker. There are 206 Alliances. 74 are Aggressive, 132 Harmless.

Aggressive Castes are either militaristic - Military, Police, Insurgent and Earthcom - or non-militaristic. Militaristic Alliances are either subject to the governing body of one of the 12 Races, or - in the case of The Insurgents - are labeled as the highest-profile outlaws of the Terran government. There are 26 Militaristic Alliances, divided into two types - Fleet and non-Fleet. The four types of Alliance are: Fleet Alliance, Militaristic non-Fleet Alliance, Aggressive non-militaristic Alliance, and Harmless Alliance.

Also illustrated here and partially listed here.

Every Alliance consists of one or more Organizations.

What is an Organization?

An Organization is the highest-level Group within an Alliance. The two types of Aggressive Organization are Fleet and Force. Fleet Alliances only have Fleets. Militaristic non-Fleet

Alliances and Aggressive non-militaristic Alliances only have Forces. Harmless Alliances do not have Fleets or Forces.

Many types of Harmless Organizations are possible. For example: Corporations work for profit, Foundations do not. Terran Colonists spread across the Terran Quadrant can associate together based on family ties (like the Zwycky Clan), special interests (such as the Terran Kennel Club), etcetera. You can even define your own type of Harmless Organization, within reason. But if you want to undertake any type of combat without joining an established Fleet, you'll need to join or start a Force, for example the Terran Core Systems Police Force, or you can start your own Raider Force.

Organization types illustrated here.

What distinguishes a Fleet from a Force?

  • Fleets were created by 3000AD Inc.
  • Each Fleet must have a designated Fleet Leader approved by 3000AD Inc. to lead that Fleet. It is the job of a Fleet Leader to (1) involve his members in MP and/or RP activities with other player groups, (2) recruit and train new members, (3) hold periodic roll calls (at least quarterly), (4) maintain the Fleet's website, and, if he chooses, (5) to delegate one or more of the aforementioned responsibilities to other competent members of his Fleet.
  • Each Fleet, and all of its members, must be properly registered in their appropriate Fleet forum.
  • Fleets must possess a considerable degree of structure and discipline that is usually only characteristic of militaristic castes. Therefore, all Fleets to date use one of the three following castes: Military, Earthcom or Insurgent. Fleets may be comprised of any race in the game.
  • Fleets have special status in, and influence on, MP and RP. 3000AD Inc. currently provides an MP server exclusively for Fleets, and has even given some Fleets their own Starstations in the Single-Player galaxy (AKA the Quadranted galaxy).

In contrast, a Force:

  • does not require special permission from 3000AD Inc. to be formed,
  • need not designate a lead member (but must still hold periodic roll calls),
  • may be of the Police Caste or any Aggressive non-militaristic Caste, i.e. not Military, Earthcom or Insurgent
  • has no Starstations named after it,
  • has a lesser influence on collective gameplay matters than Fleets,
  • may play on Public MP servers but not on Fleet-only MP servers, and
  • may not participate in any other Fleet-only function.

How do Players interact?

Players interact through MP or RP. Discuss MP issues in the appropriate Fleet forums and RP issues in the RP forum.

How do I join a Player Group?

Before you join, you must:

  • own a copy of BCMG, UC, UCG, UCAWA, UCCE, AAW, AoA or a later 3000AD game,
  • be registered to post at the 3000AD Discussion Board?, and
  • research all available Player Groups to decide which one you want to join.

With the above conditions met, you are ready to sign up.

To join a Fleet, post a request for membership in the appropriate topic of that Fleet's forum. Note that some Fleets share the same forum; if you are unsure where you should post, send a private message to the Leader of the Fleet that you want to join. Expect a member of that Fleet to contact you shortly with further instructions.

The best way to join a currently-existing Force is to post your joining request in the Misc. Race/Caste Affiliations forum. Depending on how serious that Force's members are, and depending on real life time constraints facing those members, someone should respond to your post with further instructions.

You may transfer your membership from any non-Fleet Organization to another or to a Fleet. But once you are registered for a Fleet, you stay there. So choose wisely the FIRST time.

How do I form my own Fleet?

You must first obtain permission from the Supreme Cmdr. But it won't happen any time soon. Besides, the current Fleets have a lot to offer.

How do I form my own Force or Harmless Organization?

You must post your intention in the Misc. Race/Caste Affiliations forum. Further instructions will be provided on request.

Once I join a Player Group, what are the rules?

Check with your player group leader. Each Group is different. Generally, you are expected to report in for all roll calls issued by your player group and to MP according to Fleet Action rules. You will need to take the initiative.


What player groups are currently in the 3000AD universe?

Because Fleet members consistently fare better and remain interested in membership longer than others, only 3000AD Fleets are listed.


Alliance Name: Galactic Command

Alliance IFF Code: Terran/Military

Short Description: Galcom is a joint military and research Alliance between the Terrans, Empirians and Vesperons; the primary duty of the Galactic Command Alliance is to maintain law and order in the territories of its member nations. Galcom uses the word 'Terran' in its IFF code because the Terrans are the dominant force in Galcom's affairs.

Alliance Structure: Beyond its established Fleets, Galactic Command has no Alliance-wide Structure at this time.

Permanent Alliance Leader: Supreme Commander Derek Smart

There are four Fleets in this Alliance:

Name: Prime Fleet

Bulletin Board: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Prime_Fleet/index.php

Description: Galcom's go anywhere do everything Fleet

Fleet Structure: No public documents are available at this time; you can request further information at Prime Fleet's bulletin board.

Current Fleet Leader: Strategic Commander Kalshion

Name: Orion Fleet

Bulletin Board: http://s4.invisionfree.com/Orion_Fleet/

Description: Galcom's heavy combat Fleet

Fleet Structure: No public documents are available at this time; you can request further information at Orion Fleet's bulletin board.

Current Fleet Leader: Strategic Commander _silk

Name: ISS (InSystem Support) Fleet

Description: Galcom's defense, intelligence and counter-intelligence Fleet

Fleet Structure: No public documents are available at this time; you can request further information at ISS Fleet's bulletin board.

Current Fleet Leader: Strategic Commander Ben Zwycky

Name: Wraith Fleet

Description: Galcom's covert operations Fleet

Fleet Structure: No public documents are available at this time; you can request further information at Wraith Fleet's bulletin board.

Current Fleet Leader: Strategic Commander Case


Alliance name: The Insurgents

Alliance IFF Code: Terran/Insurgent

Website: http://www.digitalequinox.com/icc/

Bulletin Board: http://s4.invisionfree.com/Insurgent_CenCom/

Short Description: The Insurgents are a rebel group, fighting for Terran freedom and the liberation of Earth from a corrupt national government. They first began to oppose the policies of Earth Command and the UFN in May of 2415, centuries before the formation of Galactic Command. Over time the UFN/Insurgent conflict escalated from political debate to open war. In March of 2965, the UFN declared the Insurgents to be an outlaw organization. Earth Command has waged (a mostly cold) war with the Insurgents from that point on.

Alliance Structure: Structure and other information is available at http://members.fortunecity.com/andergum/index.html

Founding Alliance Leader: Insurgent One Rattler

Current Alliance Leader: Insurgent Central Command (Fleet Admirals Chavik, Eclipse and ShoHashi)

There is one Fleet in this Alliance:

Name: Spectre Fleet

Website: [same as parent Alliance]

Bulletin Board: [same as parent Alliance]

Description: [direct quote from the Insurgent Website] Spectre Fleet is the oldest of the Insurgent Fleets. Spectre Fleet is the torso of the Insurgent effort. It is the primary battle fleet and, as such, contains much of the same elements and capabilities of the specialized fleets.

Fleet Structure: No public documents are available at this time; you can request further information at the Insurgent bulletin board.

Current Fleet Leader: This Fleet is co-led by Fleet Admirals Chavik, Eclipse, and ShoHashi


Alliance Name: Earth Command

Alliance IFF Code: Terran/Earthcom

Short Description: The Earth Command Alliance is the military branch of the United Free Nations; the UFN is the governing body of the Terran nation. Therefore, Earthcom is the true Military of the Terran nation, while Galcom uses the IFF code Terran/Military because the Terrans are its predominant member nation.

Alliance Structure: Documentation coming soon!

Founding Alliance Leader: EarthCOM-Commandant T. C. McQueen

Current Alliance Leader: not specified

There is one Fleet in this Alliance:

Name: Vanguard Fleet

Description: Vanguard Fleet serves as Earthcom's go anywhere do everything Fleet. Unlike Galcom's Prime Fleet, Vanguard Fleet is dedicated to protecting ONLY the Terran people from threats abroad and at home. Because Earthcom has no other Fleets to support it, Vanguard Fleet has one of the most comprehensive Wing structures in the Quadranted galaxy.

Fleet Structure: Same as parent Alliance.

Fleet Leader: not currently specified


Alliance name: Gammulan Military

Alliance IFF Code: Gammulan/Military

Short Description: As the official waring force of the largest, richest, most aggressive and most advanced alien nation in the galaxy, the Gammulan Military is bent on conquering the known universe at all costs.

Alliance Structure: Beyond its established Fleets, the Gammulan Military has no Alliance-wide Structure at this time.

Alliance Leader: This position is currently open.

There is one Fleet in this Alliance:

Name: Hernaor Fleet

Description: Gammula's GET IT DONE Fleet!

Fleet Structure: No public documents are available at this time.

Current Fleet Leader: Offensive Advisor Jaguar (inactive)



Thank you for reading this Fleets Frequently-Asked Questions document. We trust it will prove useful to you in your Fleet or non-Fleet activities.

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