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Game Dev News & Info - And Changelog

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There is a shortcut located in the game install folder which points to the game's online changelog. The link is posted here for convenience.

This changelog contains bug fixes as well as issues that we are tracking (i.e. looking into, fixing etc) for upcoming patch releases. It is updated daily to reflect new changes to the game. e.g. the current game engine build is 1.00.20 but another update was pushed this morning and we will probably update the demo sometime today as well.

If you run into any issues, please check our online KnowledgeBase first.

But please do not report gameplay issues from the game demo because quite a few features are either disabled or work differently from the retail game coming out next week.

To learn more about the game while waiting to either try the demo or purchase it, please peruse the game manuals. These manuals are also available from within the game using the ALT+D command.

These games are very complex and huge, so sometimes we miss things or find things that we probably should do differently. As such, we welcome ANY and ALL reasonable and constructive feedback because our goal is to keep you playing and enjoying our games.

A LOT of work went into these games over a two year period and the budget is about x10 the size of any indie game. Ever. In short, by the time the games were finished, we were already a LOT of money and twenty-five months in the hole. So despite these games coming from an indie developer, we don't sit around making excuses for why some things just don't work. If we were going to do that, we'd have developed different games and called it a day.

And just because we are indies, does not mean that we shouldn't aspire to attain high levels of quality as titles coming from publisher or better funded teams. I mention this because when some gamers hear the word "indie", they think low quality bar. Fact is, I blame the media for that because they have tainted the terminology beyond recognition. To the extent that you might as well compare a car to an SUV and expect the same level of performance just because they are both vehicles. An indie simply means "independence" and the freedom to do what you envisioned and without outside interference. It does not mean anything else. So you can still be an indie and produce a $.99c app or an indie and produce a $10m app. Just because your app is $.99c does not mean you should not be held to a higher standard nor expect quality material.

A LOT is invested in these games and their engines (most of which are new or improved from our established IP). We as experienced developers don't go around re-inventing the wheel just because we can. In much the same way that Source Engine licensees get updates over the years - while the core engine remains largely the same - we have the same principles towards our engines, as do all experienced developers.

For example: Our aerial flight dynamics works just fine and there was no reason or need to mess with them. It was and always will be on the lighter side since we're not interested in developing study sims. Go to Tripwire, 1C etc for that. So our aerial dynamics engines have been that way for almost eight years, but have of course undergone tweaks and some revisions over the years.

So just because you happen to have played our previous space/planetary combat games, doesn't mean that you should expect that we'd go and do a new aerial dynamics engine just because we have different (non-space combat) games. It just doesn't work that way. If it ain't broke, there is no reason to mess with it or change it. And that principle doesn't just apply to game development. There is a reason why some people license engines and others build theirs from scratch. If you're going to build it, there is no reason to re-build it if you don't need to.

Most importantly our games have always catered to a more discerning gamer. They never were - and never will be - run of the mill games. Don't play our games like you would COD4, Halo or whatever because the end result is that you'll just end up being frustrated, discard the game - then blame us for something we have no control over. In short, you absolutely - postively - MUST read the game manual and run through the tutorials first. I mention this because a bunch of people were on servers yesterday asking about how to call up the in-game docs, enter/exit vehicles, find other people etc. Heck, one person asked me personally how to arm his weapon!! On a multiplayer server no less.

As always, we are listening and learning.

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The changelogs have been updated with issues.

All Aspect Warfare

Angle Of Attack

The patch is in the final stage of testing and I'm hoping to release it within the next few days after fixing one or two more critical issues so as not to have to release another patch soon.

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