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Having Lots Of Fun .......


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MZM04, ~23000xp and 27 kills.

Spoiler alert for mission 1 .......

I have just followed my gut so far, got through first mission by louring remaining enemy off a cliff, had my boys start the descent first which I managed to escape cos' I jumped back in the ACAV, buggered off around the back of everyone as they were all doing a slow controlled slide into the canyon shooting everything to hell, pinched the Shuttle, did some awesome stunt flying (even if I do say so myself) to pick up my boys in a heated Vietnam style extraction, then buggered off down the canyon and FLEW to Alpha with the Jammer ON and flying under radar.

I've since read on the blog that I could / should have gone to Delta first, but I was winging it, so to speak, and it just goes to show the free-form nature of this game.

Felt very real, some "distinctively familiar" behaviour from the AI :-) ...... all in all VERY SATISFYING.

Now I'm at about 1:00am in game, very eagerly awaiting the sun to come up so I can see the pretty light show, obviously I will hide somewhere "safe" for this purpose. Screenshot time (I wish).

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LOL!! You're mean.

Yeah, you don't have to go to Delta first and it won't break the mission script at all. The reason that you go to Delta first is because the longer you are in the air, the greater the chances of the shuttle being shot down. Since Delta is closer than Alpha, you get to go there first. If you are good enough to not get shot down, you can go directly to Alpha.

Since this is the first time you're playing the game, you should post that on the dev #17 blog post.

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Got to the end, disarmed R.A.N.D.O.M; but I actually wanted to leave the planet ... never mind, I kicked ass :-)

Couldn't figure out what to do with the Intrepid to do the V-Band comms, tried tractor beam etc.

BUT ... DONE :-)

P.S. Got to watch the Sun come up sitting on top of a tower after I jet-packed to a nice spot; with my team (and a few stragglers) down below.

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Congrats!!! btw, you should try and fail that last mission so you can see what happens when the weapon goes off.

So you got to go swimming then?

As to the probe, as long as you figured out the puzzle that unlocks the location of the downed probe, there is nothing further to do.

As for leaving the planet, well, you can't do that. Yet. Thats what DLC is for. :)

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I posted a review on the BLOG :-), but just noticed that I spelt "find", "fined" ..... can you fix it? (looks weird and very out of context)

Also, the way I've written the score looks like a negative (-) ..... now that would suck! Can you fix that too?

P.S. I've found a way to leave the planet .................................. fire up Echo Squad :-)))))))))))))

P.S.S ... I did notice in an early demo that SHIFT-9 let me leave the planet ........................ to almost "Dead Space".

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Nice writeup!

Anyway, you mentioned:

The save game system does not retain communications information making it difficult to remember what you are doing between play sessions.

That sounds like a bug. Can you explain it a bit more so that I can research it?

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.exe (1.00.35) = Commlink is always empty after restore.

I got through the game like that ... put myself into "what the hell is going on boyz" mode, sometimes going back to previous saves to reach the timed checkpoints, but sometimes not :-)

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Another small anomaly for you SC.

AOA .... the save games will always be called PLAYER XXXXXXX, instead of the character name you have chosen.

Probably should have posted this in Tech, but I thought it was within the context of this discussion.

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P.S. This is a strange comparison to draw ... but I am sinking A LOT of time into DCS Black Shark at the moment. If whining little girlie men complain about the complexity of your imagination, then they should jump into something like that puppy and their nappies would melt. Makes me proud to know that I can fly it quite well though, thanks to all those years of Microprose and Janes .... and 3000ad :-)

I jump into AoA to give myself a break from the chopper, and for the rush. I really meant what I said in my review .... in some ways your night / day / lighting / ground geometry mapping engines rival even that title .... but the attention to detail is staggering.

Have you had a look at it?

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  • 5 months later...

Guess it has been almost a year since i've played a game ( Wii doesn't count, it more like a social event). Probably was DCS Black Shark , UC or Armed Assault. This time last year my wife got pregnant and didn't see a PC gaming after that time :)

Was talking to a collegue last week about games being better in the past ( ok i admit i'm gettin old). At least the gameplay part. Eyecandy is nice but it doesnt last very long. Was waiting for a new PC since my current PC ....old. but it wont be coming soon so i figured i order AoA /AAW anyways.

What can i say......WOW!.... even on this old rig!. Feels like....napalm in the morning ( i mean smells like... ;) ). Feels like coming .....HOME. A sim which i love to play! Some things do get better just like the old days.

I fired up steam ( was initially looking for CDs to order ) and tuned down the graphics. Didn't want my old PC to have a meltdown. I started a mission as brad but lookign at the start menu i watched the rotating marine and thought "wow that looks pretty good already on this machine". Did a selection since was vaguely familiar with the weapons profiles with previous 3000ad series.

No IA mission for me need to look around first and see how it al works, it has been awhile. So character appeared a selected my weapons ( still remembered the buttons 1-5 ). I was already impressed with the graphics at this point. Then i zoomed with the mousewheel and i went "cooool".

Nice crosshair with a blurry out of focus sideview. I fired some rounds and had some serious backfire. Then i a tossed a few flash grenades which looked very cool ( though there is not much you can see u few seconds later).

Running around the base i noticed the detail in the objects and ran to the gunships. The interior alone looked very nice and smooth. Looking closer you'll see the seats will become yellow, you can now actually sit and be a passenger. So i ran to an APC checked in with "e" and there i was in the APC looking at the cockpit/dashboard. Switched to the gunners position and fired a couple of rounds.

I fired up my jet a flew to a jumppoint and was teleported to a hostile base. I selected V and was on the ground. Zoomed in and some not so friendly contacts where heading my way . I took some shots and sneaked past a building and noticed and entrance . I thought "cool but it will probably be a closed door" but i could actually go into the bunker ( i think it was a bunker ). I looked inside

and admired the view but while i was doing that it seemed i was not welcome and got and got a final resting place.

Dusk, dawn and weather effects are really cool even on my system. Later on i switched to fighter pilot in an IA mission trying to defend my base. Found and old Thrustmaster gamepad ( no joystick here yet ) and configured it. I ran to the nearest fighter VTOL-ed and then full throttle and gain some height. Warning sounds were alraedy over the place and missiles where heading my way. Activated the EMD and pulled hard to the right trying to dodge the missles.

I swicthed to the external view. You could see some contrails from my wingtips while i was franticly

trying to avoid being hit..........beeep...beep..beep....boom. "Shield are down" echoes through the cockpit and my head. I take a hard turn to the left and hear the missile alarms screaming. Beep...beep..beep.........and a lot of smoke guess i didn't make it. Tried this a bunch a times.

Yeah , this is what i was looking for. Not many survived but there are still a few good sims.


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Wow!!! Ok, I'm late coming in on this one, but I just wanted to post my impression of this game. I love it. As with all of 3000ad's games you have to read the manual, think about how you want to approach the problem and then get ready to die many, many times before you either get the hang of it or give up. To be honest, I have not been playing many flight sims and had to dust off the X52 joystick. It did not take me long to get the hang of it, but I kept on targeting the wrong craft and would get blown out of the sky before realizing that I needed to kill those guys first...once that happened I was rocking.

This game works as designed. I did not have any problems running it and looks good. Fluid game play along with a tough AI makes this game a real challenge. I have not had this much fun with a flight sim since UC. So, I decided to re-install my UCCE, but could not find the update that was given for free years ago...no worries though, I bought the v2 UCCE, installed it and immediately had fun in space.

Nice work Derek!! And thank you!


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