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Mmo Delivery Methods

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SC, thought this to be very interesting.

I have always loved gaming because it allows me to separate myself from the real world, so I find MMO's a novelty most of the time.

D&D Online (Turbine) seem to have hit a sweet spot, both in terms of placing the $$$ control in the hands of the player, and also at attracting a wider audience.

An interesting article on Ars: -


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Took me 8 hours to download 8 GB High Res client using their download manager. Having a bit of fun with at least one solo adventure an evening for the last few evenings. Plenty of people there, parties can be had, but I haven't joined nor formed one yet. If you see a 1st lvl halfling cleric running around Korthos Village named Healty, wave at me. :jam_on:

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