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I've been playing with the ultimate space combat bundle lately, and IÆve discovered that UC Second Edition isnÆt all that stable on my system, it could be savegame corruption I suppose, but I donÆt know.

I just thought it was odd that I can run UC, UCAWA, UCCE +UCCE V2, and GC, but not UCSE.

I do have that odd crash with the keyboard config screen with UCAWA & UCSE, could that be related somehow? however, I think the most likely candidates are either my soundcard setup, or a vista incompatibility bug of some kind. Just tossing a few out there.

On campaigns it seems to crash after a few (2 or 3) system jumps usually when hostiles drop in, but not always. In roam I canÆt seem to find any real common denominators. Yes, I know I donÆt really have any in campaign mode either.

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