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Need help strange things happening

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Hello everyone. I recently installed Universal Combat Collectors Edition and i've updated it to the latest patch (2. something) and i've been noticing a few wierd things since starting my game.

I've played for a few days now, only about 1 day 'game time' and my crew is starting to starve to death.... I have over 1500 nutripaks, but no one has ever gone to the galley to eat, whether they're off duty or not. they're hunger factor is over 130 now and theyre life is starting to drop... it's starting to worry me, and i cant tell them to just go eat.

also i've been having a slight time delay any time i access any menu. it's not game breaking, but it has had me curious.

i've been scouring all the various faqs, manuels, and appendix's, and i haven't seen any mention of these things.

also on a side note, i've been having some difficulty learning how to trade. I mined some minerals i'd like to sell, so I fly to the HQ above earth, get within 500m and press alt- D to dock... but the menu to buy and sell never appears like the manual says. I can check out my cargo, repair my ship, ect... but no trading.

any help would be appreciated

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A hunger factor of 130 isn't enough to send crew to the galley.

If they are losing health...how many times have you been boarded by those pesky intruders?

Always remember. your Combat Officer is a blithering idiot who would rather spend time in his quarters than send troops to round up and kill intruders.

As for your slow down problem....post your system specs and we'll go from there.

How to trade IS in the manual and items in the manual will not be repeated here.

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