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MAG (PS3) - The review of the preview

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This reminds me of Ghost Recon too. First mission. First twenty meters walked..... a friend of mine complained that he did that for half a day being killed everytime..... af if it was a random occurrence. Doing the exact same thing resulted in the exact end and he complained.... my head isn't good enough for this...

Battlefield was not so large there, but you got a nice defensive post just on the other slope of the valley between the hills that was just in range to shot you and not so visible.

I admit to have been shot the very first time as I expected more of a trining mission for the first one, instead I got a warning from the devs not to take that as a FPS but as a real time, first person strategy game.

No need to say that getting prone and shooting the guy with your sniper did the job pretty easily. You wonder why the yput you in a team with a rifleman, a machine gunner and a sniper....

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