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So -- a RTS game in which going back in time to view and change the past is in development. It says you can use this ability to fix bad strategies. Caught in an ambush? Send orders to your troops in the past to be ready for the attack. Or send units back in time to reinforce them. Of course, your enemy could go further back in time and modify their strategy too.


Big claims, but sounds promising. Has anyone pre-ordered and tried this?

(And in case your wondering, yes, you can get into a Grandfather Paradox; the game deals with that in its own way.)

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Well first off it appears to be a ground RTS. Me personally, am not much in the market of ground vs ground type of games.

Then i can only play it by pre-ordering it. No beta to try out and it doesn't seem apparent that there will be a demo.

The only unique part of the game is time-travel. Otherwise, this can be like a number of different games i've tried/played. C&C, SR2 something denominators, Starcraft, SW:EAW,etc. (all in the ground battles)

Sure, you got teleportation, time-travel, and all that other good stuff. But eventually when you beat the game, you'll run out of tactics/fun stuff to play on singleplayer. Then when you get on multiplayer, you'll either play against people that are way better than you, equal in skill, or weaker.

You'll find the game boring, or easy. You could find it fun, but everyone has different tastes, and this is just my opinion.

But the idea of easing some micromangement would seem to be popular.

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