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Dangerous Minerals/Cargo

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I just love to mine, I could spend a whole day landed on a planet, deploying and extracting drones, taking off docking at station and coming back.

Now it is known that certain combinations of minerals can cause radiation or an explosion, but I havent had the pleasure to experience any of them yet. I will also try to cover my doubts about the I/Weapons I/Explosives, and regular missiles too.

I had the cargo bay on my Jenstar complete with each and every mineral there is to be at the same time, with a few exceptions, now, there hasnt been a radiation leak or an explosion anytime. And I am sure my crew knows better than just dump the minerals and ores in the cargo bay without putting them in containers first.

I would like to know what triggers explosions, leaks and such. Intruders that place a charge in the cargo bay? Damage from combat that happens to affect the cargo bay? Shock from transition between planet to space, space to planet, jump, worm or flux? or the stupid marine or medic that passes by and screws up something? or just... "happens" out of nowhere for no reason?

And I would like to ask something similar about the "dangerous" cargo too (Dangerous because I think so). Having Illegal weapons, explosives or the weapons bay full of missiles/ammo is dangerous? I mean if the weapons bay gets damaged in combat or an intruder puts a charge there, will the ship blow to smithereens?

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From what I remember, simply having the dangerous combos may, randomly, trigger some damage.

As far as I know, Illegal cargo is only that: illegal. You'll get fined if you dock at a station with such cargo, but there's no other side effect.

Same goes with weapons, it seems they're more secure than minerals. If the weapons pod gets damaged, it simply means you can't use it, no big boom.

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