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Indie game - Incognito

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Hello all,

I have come across this Canadian indie game called 'Incognito' - its a combination of a fps with rpg elements, a space combat/trading sim, rts and tank combat game. While none of the elements are super deep, they all seem to come together quickly and create quite an experience. There is a free demo of it at their website and I love it. Thought you might all enjoy seeing it as well.

Magrathean - Studio website

Incognito gamepage

Studios youtube page with videos

A good trailer for it

What do you all think? :P

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I tried the demo for a while.

While the gameplay itself isn't too bad, I didn't care for the intros and voice acting. The only problem I had so far was after I completed construction of a tank factory on a planet, my screen went black although I could still hear the game running though my speakers. I'll have to look into that and see what's going on.


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