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Well it would be nice if its just that 'friends only', but you always tend to be running after the facts as FB always finds new ways to 'conveniently share' your stuff. Those new options are always 'on, unless you turn them off'.

Besides, you never know what these kinds of companies will do with your data. Take for example Twitter. In the news just now, because if you use 'search for friends' in the app on your phone, the app will copy and upload all your contacts to Twitter. They store that data for at least 1.5 years. What happens with that data? Nobody outside Twitter-company knows. You have no way to track your data, stuff like that bothers me.

The worst part is that its hardly any good to delete your own account because your data will be shared by unknowing friends anyway when they search for friends...

Twitter doesn't tell you that, at least not the way they should as doesn't FB most of the time.

That said, however, I can see where the benefits for companies like 3000ad lie, by using social media. ;)

I have decided to stop using them. To each their own of course.

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