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Revenge hack on firm helping FBI


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Anonymous hacked the website of HBGary and posted this as an image on the site. HBGary is a a private security firm that has been helping the Feds track down the invidiuals behind a number of DDoS attacks on companies like Amazon, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and others, after they suspended service to Wikileaks.

The CEO's twitter account was also hacked and used to send offensive messages and his home address, cellphone number, and social security number. DailyKOS reports that HBGary backups were deleted and Forbes claims that other HBGary executives had their LinkedIn profiles hacked.

According to krebsonsecurity.com, the HBGary site was compromised by getting a security administrator to give them complete access to one of the company's sites by way of social engineering techniques.

http://www.thinq.co.uk/2011/2/7/anonymo ... lping-fbi/

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