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I actually had never played tribes until about 2 weeks ago, and at this point I can safely say I'm addicted to it. Hi-Rez studios is going to make a new game, with rumours of release somehwere around Q4 this year. http://www.mmonews.m...he-next-tribes/

So far there has been a grand total of two screenshots released.



The offical website with a trailer is http://www.tribesascend.com/ If you pay close attention you can see shazbot etched into the armor at 0:23 and a spinfusor being fired at a generator at 0:32.

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I've been a huge starsiege player, though I've strangely never played tribes 2, but still I keep an eye on Ascent, and will definitely give it a go.

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Well according to their forums apparently the following things will most likely happen:

1 Its going to be F2P which isn't bad in itself

2 They're using a primary/secondary weapons system, even for heavies (UGH)

3 Mod support is highly unlikely

4 They're going to sell fixed loadouts....aka no customizing, a tribes staple

5 They'll be using a similar buisness model to LoL, they rotate several loudouts for free and you can grind money to buy them/pay cash for them

6 You get mines or grenades, not both

7 Its not in stone yet but you might only be allowed to choose between 3 loadouts per mission

Personally I don't think its sounding too good...The gameplay trailer certainly looked good but I guess that comes with UE3. I guess as long as they get the skiing right it can be alright...but 2 weapons just doesn't sound right on a heavy. I mean getting a mortar and some crappy secondary...I just don't see how it will work. There are also rumors (not confirmed obviously) that you spawn in your loadout which would be really stupid because then there wouldn't be any point to defending a base. The gameplay vid can be found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oevWde_F-yU.

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