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Faction relations

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There was this one time in UC when some weird thing happened, I was ter/mil and I had ordered an attack of my fleet against the assassin station in Chanis-2. I had cheat mode active so I could order ves/mil ships as well and I ordered the fleet to attack the station. Well, eventually I decided to capture the station and so I did, but the ves/mil ship still attacked the station or something. Anyway, the ves/mil dude got destroyed somehow and ever since ves/mil have started attacking ter/mil on sight and they appear hostile on radar, ter/mil ships and ves/mil ships fight each other now just like gamulans for the entire duration of that game.

So that leads me to the conclusion that faction relations in UC and UCCE can be altered if you give the wrong orders to ships of your faction under your command.

Anyone else experienced this before?


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