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LoD and the Official Fleets

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Have you had any thoughts on how the official fleets will factor in LoD in regards to both, the forum and the game itself? Will the rank structures with GalCom and the Insurgents mirror somewhat they way they were fleshed out in the official fleets?

The reason I'm asking is I'm hoping that with the release of LoD, the official fleet forums will pick up once new and old players get more interested with the game. I sort of envision, like the old days where for example, the Insurgents come up with their own fireteams for play in LoD. For example, Bishamon Fleet has a Marine force (fireteam) called Fireteam Alpha. Those guys obviously fall under the auspices of Bishamon Fleet for gameplay and forum sake. Do you kind of see where I'm going? I think being able to set something like this up, as Fleet Commanders, would help to drum up interest in the game and also help to make the fleet forums a bit more active with the recruiting and such. Thoughts?


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That was the whole reasoning behind my including the concept of Fireteams in the game. You pay a small fee (there is no fee to join) to create a fleet (aka guild) and you can then split up your members into smaller specialized fireteams as you see fit.

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