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Stil playing Echo - Why was this not a massive hit?

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SC, the level of polish and focus in this title is untouched by any other 3K title before AAW, but also, ALL other space sims. I know that's because the design scope could be limited and refined compared to UCSE2, but seriously, once you get the hang of the combat, it's like playing Wing Commander with massively updated visuals in an open universe. Even the brand new Starwraith combat sim is not this wild, because Vice's sense of scale is still a little lego (but .... praise there too).

My reason for loving this combat V other 3K titles -

1) Cockpit (old protracted story this one)

2) Smooth AI manoeuvre’s compared to aggressive and linear

3) "Do this now bitch or die" realism, with emergent game-play sprinkled all around like fairy dust

4) Tuck-me-in to my private spaceship, and leave me there

5) Bouncing, interesting campaign

Just musing because I'm 6 hours back in again .. this time on a cave projection setup. OMG - You have no idea. Can you somehow dust this up, use a pseudonym (as an experiment), make the laser whots a little fatter (explained by some sort or photonic polarization fwibble), re-release on Gamersgate, and call it FYA (abbreviation not explained :)).

Anyway, just touching base really. Missing you guys TBH.

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PS - and the hardcore excited gamer expression of "OMG - You have no idea" ..... of course you do, I've seen your gaming lair online, and that I must say was quite a while ago ..... I mearly play your games.

Thanks for a very long history of unique gaming that I simply cannot find anywhere else.

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Yeah, Echo Squad SE was exactly how I envisoned it. Funny thing is that I actually considered expanding it at one time but then I just killed the idea due to market conditions and the fact that I really wanted to do something else. Which is how I ended up doing AAW/AOA. Also, my plan to go BIG and do GCO (an MMO based on those ideas) instead influenced that decision as well. I expect that GCO will capture the essensce of Ech Squad in terms of the fighter side of things.

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