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General in-game Q's

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1. Is my commander supposed to die when aftoot on Obsidia and Stargazer?

2. Can any type of artifact be stacked? I.e, 2 JACs working.

3. My ship can enter hyperspace backwards? COOL!

4. Was there a wormhole leading to Stargazer in the original UC?

5. Is there anything more to the Galaxian probe message?

6. What's the point of the gal/exp zone on Stargazer?

7. Are station inventories static in terms of minerals and weapons? I.e, won't change in amount with the exception of me buying.

8. What amounts of what minerals are supposedly supposed to put a hole in my ship?

9. Is there anyway to get out of a black hole in time? Any "safezones" in a blackhole region?

10. Is there anything worth seeing in any of the supernovas besides SN10?

11. What's the name of the song with the Guitar solo? Well, it sounds like a guitar solo...

12. Is there a quick save button?

13. Are there any events in roam mode that are triggered by game age? with the exception of the appearence of artifacts

14. Are there any events in roam mode that are triggered by player actions? with the exception of Court martial and the "probe message"

15. Is damage done to a ship random, or are there certain spots where i can damage certain systems?

16. What advantage do my marines have against intruders if they attain high AI?

17. Is there anyway to go into the logistics panel of my CC when i'm not inside the CC itself?

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