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General tactical advice.


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This is for AAW. I haven't played AoA and don't really intend to.

  1. As Derek has mentioned in his tutorials, your fellow Terran infantry assets are skilled. Put them in your priority list (if they aren't there already) and tell them to escort you (F1) and then search and destroy (F4) in that order.
  2. Your team mates are also amazingly skilled at not getting killed, as long as they have been resupplied.
  3. However, they aren't always smart enough to resupply when there is a lull in fighting. Ensure that you cycle through them via Alt-P and command them to proceed to the nearest supply center (F8) when things are safe enough to do so.
  4. If you are playing for the very first time, select the Lucas character and then select the loadout that has the PL12 sniper rifle.
  5. Ditch the shotgun as soon as you can and pick up a rocket launcher. Get smoke grenades and a personal shield or personal cloak device prior to the start of the 3rd mission.
  6. Your first priority in any firefight is to kill any Vanguard infantrythings that are more than 500m away from you. A rocket launcher equipped Vanguard will get a missile lock on a target that is 500m or closer to it. If the Vanguard infantrything decides that *you* are the best target in that 500m radius, you're dead. Count on it. So kill them before they get that close.
  7. The other Gammulan infantrythings can't shoot for cr*p, especially when they are running to you to kill you. You can kill most of them before they get close, but your team members can normally get the rest.
  8. With a PL12, you can kill enemies that are 1000m away. (Actually, you can kill out to around 1.05km away but it is hard to tell where your rounds hit when you miss so that you can hit with the next round.) With the PL12, you only need to hit twice to kill.
  9. If your mission requires you to operate near (within 500m) of an enemy barracks, destroy the barracks as soon as possible. That reduces the number of spawned enemy marines that you'll have to deal with.
  10. Comm centers and Starbases also spawn marines. You really don't want to be caught in a pincers attack between multiple forces. Starbases are very difficult (but not impossible) to destroy, so you'd be better off destroying barracks and comm centers first to ensure that all your enemies come from one direction.
  11. A PL12 can take out LADMK1 turrets with a couple of hits.
  12. Stay out of ground vehicles in enemy areas. They are missile magnets. An ACAV near your starbase is useful since it is faster than you can run.
  13. Build as many GDN4 SAM sites as you can during the game. That's one every ~15 minutes of game time.
  14. Smoke grenades are useful. Flash grenades are annoying, which is why the Gammulan infantrythings throw so damned many of them. (They blind everybody, including the nitwit that threw them.) APMs can really hurt those that are chasing you.
  15. 3 frag grenades dropped on top of a barracks will destroy it. That leaves you one grenade so that the next time you use a supply station, you will be given 4 frag grenades. If your initial loadout does not include frag grenades and you use them all up, you won't get any more when you hit the supply station.
  16. Sometimes your team member think that the quickest to get to you is to run 100km or so to some other mzone so that they can teleport back to the current mzone to get to you. They even think that when they push your ass out of the way to get to said mzone. Sometimes, sending them to a supply point snaps them out of that delusion. Sometimes, it doesn't. If you climb into a vehicle, however, they appear to realize that you're really 200m away from them and will run up to the vehicle and stand by it. Once you leave the vehicle, they revert back to the overland trek.
  17. If you have a sniper rifle, you don't have to DJP into the part of the mzone that has the barracks, comm center, and starbase. Go to one of the other locations and run/jetpack to the objective, killing Gammulans that are 1km or closer to you.
  18. Flying in aircraft gets you killed. Do as little as possible. When you do have to fly, stay as close to the ground as possible. River canyons are your very best friend.

(Edit: Use the correct sniper rifle name.)

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Yeah - quite good. And some funny commentary :)

btw #16 can be solved by canceling their pre-existing command and giving them the HALT command. This should wipe any previous orders/state.

How do I cancel their pre-existing command? Or does giving them the HALT command suffice?

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