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July 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster


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Greetings Gentlemen:

Wow, another month is upon us already! Here in the US, we will be celebrating our Independence Day on July 4. Then we have a dry spell on holidays until at least September.

Here are the answers to last month's trivia questions:

1. In 2928 Contact was made with mankind's first extra-terrestrials. Who were they? The Empirians

2. Starstation Starpath orbits what planet? Mars

3. True or False, the Empirians have visited the Earth. True

4. The UFN declared the Insurgents an outlaw organization in what year? 2965

5. In what year was the first fully functional Mass Drive Reactor developed? 2907

Canshow was the only one that participated last month. With the answers canshow PMd me, he scores a 100%. Therefore, the Insurgent of the Month for July is Canshow!

Good job, Canshow. I can see I'm going to have to make these a bit more difficult. :puh:

Ok, on to this month's challenge.

1. Who are the Credians at war with?

2. How many unsuccessful wars have the Gammulans fought with the Syrions and Droidans?

3. Where do the Gammulans allocate most of their resources?

4. Who are known as the Thirteenth Race?

5. Why is the Zelon system Lanix V a very important link to the rest of the galaxy?

The Rules

There will be 5 questions and each right answer will be worth 10 points. Whomever has the highest points will be the Insurgent(s) of the Month. I will post the results on the last day of the month. If you wish to participate, check in and PM me your answers. This is a test run, so I'm sure it'll get more refined. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. If anyone posts their answers here, they will be deleted and the individual(s) disqualified. You don't want others to see your answers, right? If there is a tie, I'll post the names of the individuals. They can then post a "bet" of how many of their points they want to bet. I will then post an additional trivia question and depending upon the answers, the scores of those people in the tie will be recalculated.

Please check in and participate!


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