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IA0203 isn't so bad.


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This one is fairly winnable.

The scenario starts off with you standing at the southeast corner of the nuke plant that's part of Bravo SB. You are facing north. Your ride out is a Shadow assault craft sitting on the ground just to the west of the barracks near the starbase building. Everything that isn't infantry is concentrating on the Shadow.

There's an HAV that's just dropped off a Gammulan infantry fireteam to the southwest of the nuke plant. That HAV will swing around and drive between you and that fireteam at least twice. (When it runs into a building, it reverses direction.)

You're Brad, with a machine gun, and LR12, and 3 rockets. Burke has an LR12 and a Hornet rocket launcher. Steve and Lucas are along for the show.

You don't have to do it, but it is sort of fun to grab the HAV when it drives past so that all of you can ride to the main portion of Bravo SB. The HAV will kill you if you allow it to drive over you, but if you get close enough, you can press "E" and get on board one of the positions. That stops the HAV from driving around. To pull that off, you pretty much have to start jetpacking due south to intercept the HAV when it hits the building that's to your south. While you are jetpacking, give Burke a SAD command; he'll take out the fireteam with his rocket launchers. After you grab the HAV, get in the driver's seat and give Burke an "escort me" command so he'll join the rest of you in the HAV.

Select the ground targets radar mask and start driving towards the starbase building. Select the starbase building as your vehicle's target. When you get to within a kilometer to it, start firing. Keep firing until the starbase blows up.

I normally then point the HAV towards the barracks and dismount. You can give your squad mates SAD commands, since there is an intruder gunship heading in with a load of infantry. Use the HAV's machine gun to take out the barracks building (it's easier to select the gunner's station on the HAV and manually aim at the barracks). Dismount and reposition the HAV to point to the Comms building. Dismount and select the gunner's station to manually fire at the Comms building until it blows up too.

By now the intruder has landed and launched its infantry. Your guys will probably take them out without any help from you, but you can dismount and drive the HAV to use its machine gun from the driver's position to help kill those infantry. You can take out the intruder for a medal with the HAV's firepower.

Tell Burke to rearm. When he's done, target one of the buzzing aircraft and tell Burke to attack it. He's quite capable of getting a rocket lock and taking the aircraft out. You can keep that up until he's cleared the skies. Or not; it's not required to do that to win. Just fun.

In the meantime, you should dismount the HAV and take control of the two LADMK1 turrets that were by the barracks (they've been firing at your Shadow the entire time). After you've done that, run over to the Shadow and kneel by it. Keep checking for enemy infantry (there can be one more spawn of them). The scenario should decide that you've been evacuated after 4 or 5 minutes (I haven't timed it).

If you shoot up a launch pad, the enemy aircraft will probably kill you. There's some other aircraft on the ground that's worth a medal when you take them out.

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