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Prismatoid: act one - Deus Ex

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Galcom military prison

Date: Unknown

Location: Unknown

It was a situation that happened more often then he cared to admit; being locked in a cage from which he could not leave. It was just part of the professsion...another variable in the profit and loss equation.

He couldn't complain however. His accomodations, though restricted, were far from barbaric.

Though he shared his 120 ft x 120 ft cell with 5 other inmates, there was plenty of food, entertainment, and basic sanitary facilities. Each inmate had their own private sleeping cubicle. The showers and toiletries were private. The administration; polite and civil.

But he just couldn't leave.

There were no bars. The only thing that stopped the 6 men in this cell from leaving, was the small little microchip implanted deep within their bodies. Walk past the green light.. it turns red, and they die.

Painless, effective, and final.

He reclined on his bunk, bored, and stared at the notches he had made in the wall for each day incarcerated here.


All lined up in neat rows.

It was time to leave...


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