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Enemy StarFighter

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Enemy Starfighter looks like a different kind of game. This game is a free room game with a purpose. The purpose is that you engage in a guerrilla campaign against an enemy. In other words you take part in a huge war. This is a lot like Starshatter and Falcon 4.

In fact one website thinks of this game as one which has a dynamic campaign. This is at http://www.pcgamesn.com/indie/indie-space-combat-sim-enemy-starfighter-boasts-dynamic-campaign-mission-planning-lots-screen-shake. I found this game while doing a Google search for space combat dynamic campaign. Furthermore, the official game website thinks of this game as a guerrilla war free roam type of space combat game. This is at http://enemystarfighter.com/game/. This is a lot like the new carrier command game.

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The game is not yet released although there has been protype releases. A google search of listings dated 30 days ago or later say it will be released in 2015. Here are two sites that say that.



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