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My Game - Void of Darkness

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Null, could you tell me how far you got? Did you see the launcher window? And the launch game, and other buttons? If I am right you may have been trying to launch without selecting a resolution.

If so, ignore the detected settings on the right. That is what your monitor supports. You have to click a resolution on the left before launching the game.

I've updated the launcher, removed the detected resolutions and just left the resolutions supported by this version. It will not allow you to proceed unless one has been selected.

Some people were launching without selecting the resolution, because they thought the list on the right was the one they had to select.

I've added the main resolutions 15 inch, 22inch and 24 inch monitors. I won't support above 1920*1200 or below 1440*900.

So anywhere inbetween those is good.

In the new launcher, you can check the fullscreen box and click on auto detect settings and it'll launch with your native desktop resolution. Or you could select a resolution manually from the left, if you select one, it will show you what you have selected now.

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Wow thanks, guess it kind of had 'whoa' effect on ya eh? How'd ya like the starting? And how did it feel?

I actually haven't played it new yet. The PC reset wiped everything off. I just installed it, and it launched fine. I've got about an hour and a half until my next class so I'll try to crank in some game time.

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