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Video of IA0203 play

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This time I'll use a

It's very difficult to win if you don't grab the HAV at the beginning. It's impossible for me to win without the HAV while recording; I'm paying too much attention to the recording timer to be able to take out the barracks and survive.

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I've made another recording of IA0203 where you don't have to grab the HAV in the beginning. (It's not on YouTube yet. I'll change this posting when it is.) It's not as hard as I thought, once I figured out the interaction between an air launch pad and any vehicles you are driving.

Short answer: Don't drive within ~500m of an intact ALP. (I don't know the minimum distance required. It may be more like 750m.)

As far as IA0203 is concerned, DJP to the east part (crud, I think it's on the east part) of the base where the escape craft is waiting. Blow up the ALP that is close by. Grab the HAV that's near the DJP and wreck havoc; after both ALPs are gone, you can drive anything you want.

I made CSM while playing that prior to making the recording. (Honest!) I also got a Planetary Shield in that one, which surprised the crap out of me. As usual, I have no freaking idea what I did to get it.

I used to jetpack over the barracks and drop grenades on it when I couldn't grab the HAV at the start. That normally ended up very badly, recording or not.

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