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You really can win IA0206 without god mode.

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Frankly, I thought it was impossible to do.

For those who haven't played it, you're playing Steve with Lucas around for the ride. You and Lucas are on foot and are supposed to destroy the starbase and DJP back to Alpha. The other two guys are cooling their heels at Alpha.

As Steve, you have 4 frag grenades, a wrist laser, and an FG45 rifle. Within, oh, 10 seconds of scenario start about 10 enemy infantry come out to kill the both of you. Two of them have rocket launchers, so if they get within 500m of you then you will be dead shortly thereafter.

As soon as you can move, head east. (There's a supply station over there that you can use. There's one that is a lot closer but you'll die shortly before or after using it.) Jetpack and run when the jetpack runs out. The enemy runs a little faster than you do, so you use the jetpack to create a lead. 1.25km from the closest one will do.

In the meantime, give Lucas the attack at will command. He won't go after the guys with rocket launchers, but he'll kill off at least 6 of the enemy. (In the IA scenarios, your squadmates are invulnerable when they aren't in vehicles/aircraft. You die quite well, thank-you-very-much.) He's too stupid to resupply himself when he's out of ammo, so select him and F-10 every now and then to see if he's standing still doing nothing. If he is, tell him to go to a supply station.

When you get to the supply station to the east, change your loadout to #7. That gives you a ZS12 rifle (meh) and a Hornet rocket launcher (yay!). For some reason, when you change your loadout you will not be fully supplied with ammo so ensure that you also select the Weapons option at the supply station. Leave after that's done.

Here's the tricky part. You are going to use the Hornet to kill the guys that are chasing you. If you let a rocket launcher holding enemy within 500m of you, you are dead. The tricky part is getting a lock on the enemy versus the buildings behind them. The rocket launcher will ID the target that it's locked on, so you won't be confused. You just may not be able to do it.

If you kill them all, you can then run/jetpack to the nearest DJP (don't forget to tell Lucas to start escorting you when you get around a 1km from the DJP). Teleport to Alpha base and make sure that Lucas comes too.

If you don't kill them, the scenario will end since you'll be dead yourself.

Now, the time that I *did* win, I was back at the enemy starbase trying to take out the barracks. I was standing near the DJP and all the rest of the squad was at Alpha. I'm not sure what tests the scenario makes at the end. It may be that you have to be near a DJP in the enemy starbase versus actually being at Alpha.

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It is a near impossible mission. Otherwise known as a suicide mission.

Once you figure this out, you only need to get out of the base and join Burke and Brad at Starbase Alpha in order for the mission to be regarded as a success for which you get 5K EP and a medal.

If you foolishly stick around and do destroy starbase Charlie, you get a huge additional 15K EP bonus and a medal.

And you get bonus EP and medals (!) for destroying the HAV and ATV at Starbase Charlie who keep sending murderous troops your way.

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